Tom Brady: “Everybody really toughed it out” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tom Brady: “Everybody really toughed it out”

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addresses the media following their 34-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

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Lexi the Fangirl

Sooo happy we won we really needed it good to see Tom smiling again


    We’re going to the playoffs # 7 is coming to Massachusetts bro 💪


    Ayyyy that’s the spirit!

    Clint Huff

    Lmao yeah such a big win again a team with 12 losses and 1 win

    Clint Huff

    Bengals shouldn’t of even gotten one touchdown


    Clint Huff and who is your team?


538 Touchdowns and 217 Wins in the Regular Season for the GOAT

    Joseph Blow

    mickser101 – That’s 218 wins.


Regular season wins Tom Brady 217, Joe Montana 117. 100 more wins in Reg. Season for the true GOAT

    Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

    @davh10 welp, we just did

    Ken Hoang

    More super bowl appearances and wins too. He best his boyhood idol. Now beat Manning’s TD record. But I think Brees will beat it first tomorrow.

    Joseph Blow

    davh10 – Otto Graham? Yeah, I’m sure his 4 championships in a 8 team minor league is better than anything Brady’s done in his life.

    Jevon Granger

    You are absolutely right Tom Brady is the goat. But Joe Montana was a bad man also.🐐

Richard Nguyen

LOL at the clown asking about “completion percentage” … as if they care about pretty stats.

    Gronk Gronk

    Richard Nguyen exactly. All about Ws. Duhhhhhh.

Teresa Serrone

Yeah!!! So happy they beat the Bengals-lets go!!


    They should have blown them out but their offense sucks.

    Manly Rolls

    C.S.Allen What does the Pats offense have to do with a blowout?


    @Manly Rolls The O should look like the beginning of the season. Brady can’t do anything when the pocket collapses. O should have had at least 21 points against a team like the Bengals. Special teams and D made this game happen. But it was against a team that sucks and that spells trouble. Can’t believe I should have to explain that.

    Clint Huff

    Manly Rolls lmao they could of gotten way more touchdown the score should been close to the 50 and bengals should have of had 0

Mr Pan

Brady was clutch in the pocket on that Harry TD.

    zackychan financial

    Because he gad protection for once

    Joe Me

    @zackychan financial Yeah he really did have all day on that one.

Awesome Family

Good job Patriots we did it again

    Trolley The Troll

    Against a 1-12 team..congrats. 1 and done in playoffs

    brady chick


Muntasir Abdulghani

Appreciate this MAN folks, you will never see another TOM BRADY ever.

    Sahiem Brown

    Big Facts The Goat

    Tommy Testosterone



    Boat. Best of all time.


    That’s what I’ve been saying. His longevity should be praised but the media treats him like he’s 25.


    so true…he takes good enough care of himself i think he will play until he has the career ending injury ..then hang it up..he was the 199th draft pick , yes??!!unreal!!


God, he’s a good looking man. 😍

    Spencer Johnson

    Garbanzo123 LMAO

    brady chick

    Nice features for sure😎


    Would you tongue his bunghole after the big game?

    Papa Het

    @Garbanzo123 🍽🍽🍽🍽


    @Garbanzo123 Nah, but your mother would.

Jason Tuscaloosa

Best QB Ever.
Cowboy Fan

    PriyAvi Tallara

    No doubt!

    Michael T

    GOAT.. Jets fan!

Psycho Logical

Great win today and great job ignoring the outside noise all week…..GO PATS!

Nick Kais

The 1 thumbs down is Andy Dalton

    Joe Me

    Zac Taylor just chimmed in w/another 👎 😂😂😂😂😂


    Nick Kais 😂

Thuyhien Le

Great job patriots, let go👍

Abdelhali Bachir Belmehdi

The Pats are coming back!

    Joe Me

    Where did they go??? 11-3 ThEYRE STILL HERE!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


    #7 baby!

    Litto Melon

    Yeah we are coming back…. it would have been sad if we lost to the Bengals what did u expect to happen

    James Brown

    It was the Bengals lol and had to cheat to get this one hahaha

Garrett Upson

Idk man. I’m worried hes gone after this year


    @vsaminat This would be the biggest miracle besides the SB comeback against the Falcons if they go to the SB and win. Eli Manning just said “Come on Tom, join me in retirement.”

    Steve Treehots

    @C.S.Allen thanks for agreeing your comment was stupid.


    @Steve Treehots Yawn, one day you’ll grow up, but I doubt it.


My QB🔥


    Hes Lit


I love my Quarterback


    Tetrohedracon Me too. Love my quarterback

Nara Ton

Now on to Bills, Saturday game #LFG


    They may lose to the Bills.

Dragonic Overlord The End

So we learned two things today. Snitches get stitches Bengals and Tom looks good in a suit

Charly Gr. v.L.

Congratulations, Tom.
An exciting game that has reflected the quality of the pats. (And by the way – we see a bright side for the offense, too.) We wish you all a good recovery time for the Dec 21st. 👍👍🏈

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    Danke. Denke mal, dass es auch für Tom gut tut, dass er einige Pässe gut an den Mann bringen konnte. Man kann dann schon fast an sich selbst zweifeln. Aber das die Gegner ihn einige Male umgehauen haben, daran müssen sie noch arbeiten. M.E. war das etwas zu häufig. Aber es waren viele schöne Pässe dabei, sehr sehenswert.

    Charly Gr. v.L.

    @Konstantin Frhr. v.B. Grundgütiger, so ein langer Kommentar von Dir😉 Habe mich auch gefreut.

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