Stephon Gilmore, Rex Burkhead & N’Keal Harry React to Win over the Bengals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
That Nathan

Need to get harry the ball more he’s a stud

    B-MO 87

    Daniel Chung exactly I totally agree with you.

    Daniel Chung

    @B-MO 87 big facts. One thing people just don’t realize is that when you run the ball, throwing lanes become wider. But when you can’t run the ball, they get tighter. We see that on full display this season.

    Mamame El Bicho

    @Daniel Chung Thomas and Dez were studs in their first year… Patriots have no scouts period.. he will be a bust… no excuses…

    Daniel Chung

    @Mamame El Bicho SO you’re admitting they both have similar builds to harry? Besides, both thomas and dez had full preseasons, AND the first eight games of the season to get ready. Did Harry have that? no. Besides, you haven’t responded to anything else besides saying the other recievers I mentioned were just really good. How do you know that Harry wouldn’t be a stud if he got the full preseason and the first 9 games of the season?

Michael Schaffer

Right on schedule the real patriots show up in mid December fresh and ready for the playoffs.


    They did play much better this week, but don’t forget that no matter how many times Belichick says the Bengal are a good team, they are still the worst team in the league

Omni-King Buu aka Fred Blade

Stephen Gilmore for defensive mvp

    Dan Moreno

    Omni-King Buu aka Fred Blade he has to win

    Slack BomSlack

    Just mvp

Tristan Smith


Mr Pan

The Patriots are still the Patriots.

Nellybo knockdown

Nkeal the goat , i dont wanna hear no bust comments

Calvin Nelms

Great great great job gilmore

Marcos Diaz

If Harry gets 10 targets a game he’s the type to make something out of nothing he’s always gonna pull out with 100+ yards and a few TDS he’s that good I truly believe in him

John Conor

Pats fan here.. 💪💪

xavier lopez

Patriots don’t have one bad player in their secondary

Nara Ton

On to Bills, Saturday game #LFG

Eugene Hickey


Richard Martin

Just heard an announcer say “Gilmore the Great’.

Patriots Global



    Tough battle ahead. Buffalo’s defense won’t quit on them either.

br 1251

Stephon GOATmore

    B-MO 87

    br 1251 haha but really!

br 1251

Andy Dalton is THE GOAT.

Change my mind.

    Dark Aura

    Idk man Nathan Peterman is looking like he’s getting MVP this season

Jamarcus Morton

I’m proud of you Harry, keep it up #letsgoPats

Charly Gr. v.L.

Congratulations, guys.
You and your fantastic TDs.
That game has reflected the quality of your abilities and we are very proud. We wish you all a good recovery time for the Dec 21st. 👍👍🏈

    Konstantin Frhr. v.B.

    Danke, ehrlich Charly … es hat mich enorm für die Jungs gefreut, das hebt auch den Selbstwert.

Natasha cutie pie

Keep it up guys! We gotta get that Bye!

paolo cvgns


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