Todd Gurley Press Conference: Playing final game at Coliseum Sunday, finishing season strong – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Epic Mummies

Next year, we are gonna rise up from the ashes and be back to our winning ways and hopefully being back the Lombardi back to LA

    Penguin Jones

    Epic Mummies were too good not too. Something has been happening this season. But I think with preparation and helping Goff then we’ll be good.

    Epic Mummies

    @Penguin Jones I feel he same way, hopefully TG and Goff can get back on track and the new DC, if they get a new one, hopefully can get this defense to the top 5 defenses in the NFL

Tim Murphy

Take care of that knee !!!

Augford P. Doggie

Maybe last game as a ram?

Yumi Tokushige

Nice shirt. Win😉

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