‘They know us, we know them… just come ready to play’ | Julio Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
That Boy Joey


Gustavo Martinez

This man a beast @#11

    Nike God

    Gustavo Martinez I totally AGREE hes awesome

Fenx 04

Go Julio. I become your Shirt as a Present for Chrismas. You do It on Sunday. Good Luck from Germany.

Anthony Wright

It’s more about us than it is about them, facts….



Gary Turbo

Just sit out the game

    LA Ryan

    WTF for? Julio will play even if he is hurt.

    Gary Turbo

    So you want him to risk a career ending injury to win a game despite not going to the playoffs?

    Queen D



    @Gary Turbo you think he cares…..he still getting paid injured or not.
    but you don’t care about the franchise…all you worried about is your boy Julio right?

Antonio Kim

I want to see our defensive line attack them. Let’s not give Winston any time in the pocket because when he’s rushed he forgets their game plan and become predictable. That’s when interceptions comes into play!

Mike Honcho


A Par1160

Julio..the best!

ZukoDaPrince Channel

Gotta battle hard . We have to keep the pressure on Winston. It’s gonna be a fight overall. Go Atlanta Falcons ⚫️🔴⚪️🦅

saladisbad deal with it

Ur the best in the league. Humble and a great player. Keep on working #riseup

Ryan Flanagan


Queen D

Last game of the season…prepared and focused as always xoxo

Dandre Johnson

Get this man a ring next year

    Nike God

    Dandre Johnson AGREED


can the defense go to attack them

Nike God

I was wearing a Julio Jones jeresy wile watching this Big fan of Julio Jones keep up the work falcons the whole team

Tupac Shakur

He’s the beast mode of wide recivers

Mandy Williams

Tippy toe catch Julio Jones

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