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Can’t believe they loss

    no one

    I called it they was gonna lose at some point to bad it was win or go home! But hey BANG BANG NINER GANG 🙃


    @no one Quest for 6!!



    King Niggaz

    @3lement2010 https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY


Can’t believe they loss

Loyal Philly fan

I really want the titans to win the super bowl. They definitely deserve after the way their last super bowl ended 1 yard short.

Curtis 23

They might beat the chiefs….

Hardman , hill , kelce , Watkins won’t be easy to cover tho.

    İyki Gugu

    @Yo Yo https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY


    @Yo Yo One’s a rookie, the rest are garbage. And no Mark Andrews is not nice he drops everything

    aidan dumler

    @ManBearPig YT they already beat the chiefs why is no one giving them a chance

    John Carter

    I was thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to go there.

Cryptozex Gaming



crazy how the titans turned their season around

    HPTRK Kreed

    Only if you came across all the bullshit forums regarding Tannehill. So many people kept underplaying him like a none factor.

    King Niggaz

    @HPTRK Kreed https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    Dan Vega

    I know they haven’t won yet. Not looking past the chiefs. They are dangerous team. It is any given sunday. But if they make it to superbowl and win. How many of them teams won after starting 2-4 and changing thier qb mid season?

    tada HARAJIKu

    Titans going to Super Bowl !!!

Tyler Miller

I’m sad, I dont want to be falsely accused of bandwagon. Plz remember me

    King Niggaz

    @Ian Camp https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    King Niggaz

    @Ian Camp https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    Gamer Gate


    Bay Area sports fan

    If you are a bandwagon you are a bandwagon

Darin Berry

I guess Greg Roman wasn’t watching the same game all Ravens fans were watching 🤷🏾‍♂️ The run game was abandoned way too early. The Ravens don’t have the personnel to line up in 5 wide and throw the ball every play.


    I knew we were going to win once we went up 14-0 and on that next ravens drive y’all started passing.

    Darin Berry

    WonInthecut Yeah man I don’t understand why they panicked. Even at that point you could tell they were trying to do too much. Credit to you guys though, it was an awesome game plan, and Derrick Henry was unstoppable.


    Darin Berry how do you feel about us and KC?

    Cameron Barenbrugge

    Jackson had 59 pass attempts and 20 rushes. That’s almost 80 plays on Lamar Jackson’s back. Then there were just 9 hand offs to running backs. I didn’t understand the game plan at all. Football is a team sport. His receivers couldn’t even catch the damn ball half the time.

    iDreamz •

    I’ll be rooting for Mahomes, but I’ll also be watching the Titans in January.

Felix Francis

I am rooting for the titans to win it all. Mike Vrabel is definitely a good coach and he prepared the team well for each game in the playoffs, especially the defense. How did Derrick Henry not make the first team all pro? Dude dominated this season and is dominating in the playoffs; he led in rushing yds and tied in rushing TDs this season. Good luck to your team, Titans fans.

    Braden Hudson

    Thx Titans fan here Its kinda sad the Texans Cant ever get here🤣🤣


    Christian McCaffrey

    N M

    From a life long Titans fan Thanks for your support being a Indy fan. I’m so glad we finally beat you guys at home. You guys have been the thorn in our side for a LONG TIME. Thanks for rooting for us means a lot.

Edu Paez

Finally a video showing the real strenght of the Titans. And yes they are a brotherhood

Riddy Everything

I hope Titans win Superbowl, tannehill needs that


Titans vs 49ers

IPlayOnGamecube -

Give it up for the Titans , Beat 2 of the best teams in the playoffs , everything is deserved ⚔️

    Dan Vega

    @Thomas Long he said in the playoffs. Where it matter’s the most. Patriots have been a force to recon with at home in the PlAyoffs. Had not lost in last 7 playoff home games. Especially not to any 6th seed

    İyki Gugu

    @Dan Vega https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    Gamer Gate



None of you gave TN a chance, none of you period!!

    dingle torres

    TCY ! And we’re still not. Getting bounced next game. If you think they have a shot at even having a single digit deficit against KC you’re a complete laughingstock

Myles Baker

Clinic tape as a unit. S/O the GOAT Adoree Jackson


Can’t call Tennessee’s secondary underrated anymore. They showed up on a big stage. Going to be interesting to see if they can continue to affect plays.

    James Roberts

    As a titan fan our secondary been solid all year..adoree got healthy which help..but we will be tested in kc sun !! Titanup

Isaiah Scott

I’d be so happy to see the Titans win the Superbowl. So tired or #1 and #2 seeds winning it


    If the Pats won this year they weren’t a 1 or 2 seed. They were 3.

Alex Worthington

finally someone highlighting our defense and not just derrick henry although the man is a beast tho

oFISHal 1

Adoree Jackson, Logan Ryan, Kevin Byard and Kenny Vacarro Doesn’t get enough credit! Don’t forget Malcom Butler is on IR. Great secondary… MMCNB!

JayMike Willingham


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