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HOT BOYZ!!!!!!!!!

    Chris Paul point god


    Jerry Junior

    Chris Paul point god Um YES we do, we BEEN earned that nickname, don’t try and steal from us just because we suck right now, I remember a time when my QB Dak Prescott was 13-3 in his rookie season, THOSE were the hot Boyz, but where were them Niners then? Like I searched all over for them but couldn’t find em.


    Stealing nicknames now


    Chris Paul point god

    @Jerry Junior uhhhhh everyone either retired or committed a crime we were in rebuild mode. You guys are trying your hardest with your overrated of a organization and still couldn’t grab the NFC east. If it makes you feel better we have 2 zz’s…. so hotboyzz. But since you wanna talk about dak where is he now?? How come he can’t beat playoff teams?? Y are you even here?

William Kats III

The block is hot folks… never count out the Packers, they’re a hell of a team but they’re deservedly the underdog being on the west coast and having previously been destroyed

    Anthony Ossman

    Also that game against the 49ers was HEAVILY ref balled to begin with and killed ANY sort of momentum for the Packers, who in turn just played bad. I don’t think the Packers will just not show this time and it should be a good game.

    ghost in the shell357

    @I’m nobody you need to know can’t hold you on that

    49ers ALLDAY

    Hell yeah HOT BOYZZZ

    Zak Anttila

    @William Kats III We had tons of injuries, Adams just got back from Turf toe, Bulaga Iowa was out, Bakhtiari and Clark were playing hurt, and it is still a new offense.

    Battleborn Valor

    @Brandon K
    Packers dont have D like the Titans.

Sam C.

Packers 21-13 was my prediction back at the mid point of the season though I don’t think the Packers defense can hold the SF offense to 13 points and I had gotten the Week 12 matchup completely wrong.

    Phillip Wilson

    Sometimes you cant stop something even if you know what’s coming. I think this game is being overhyped for ratings. The 9ers will dominate. They are the most truly battle tested team out there.


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    Maynard Runkle

    @shawn bopko I believe you are suggesting that you don’t like the 49ers defense. Or is it that you think the Packers defense can stop the 49ers offense?


Is Rodgers fully covered by *State Farm?*

    Fast Furious

    He is going to get Allstate after the game.

    Derek R

    Rodgers gonna double check them sunday!

    forpiepress 1

    Can we refer to the packers offensive line as State Farm from now on would be funny as hell XD

Jacob Gomez

Let’s gooooo niners. The block is hot!!!


I’m scared. As a packers fan, the niners give me goosebumps

    Alumni 209

    Veeq niner fan here i think you guys will get much more td’s than last time they met both teams adjusted well

    Josh Edmonds

    look at it like this..if we loss…we were suppose to..we arent an impressive 13-3’s a mismatch..they killed us stress….but if we win OOOOOOHHHH BOYYYY THAT BAAAAAAAD MAAAAAAN

    Michael Hauer

    You’re gonna get clapped

    Geno Sciacca

    Packers just beat Carroll and Wilson who are way better than Kyle and Jimmy. They have a lot of hype and money in their skilled defensive line. This isn’t Montana and Rice or even Harbaugh and company.

    #1 Broncos fan!

    Lol you should be


Rodgers is gonna have to face a healthy defense this time, as if last meeting wasn’t good enough

    ghost in the shell357

    Don’t sleep on green bay I know this defense is really good but Aaron Rodgers has found ways to beat big teams In big games

    Corrupt Productions

    It’s playoff packers though. Remember the run the table year when Packers got destroyed by Dallas in the regular season then beat them in Dallas in the divisional round.


    Rodgers will destroy them just wait and watch

    Kris Wright

    Bucks this is your brain on cheese!

#kane poe

Titans VS 49ers In the SB

    A Fucking Bird

    @Damaris W. Really? Are you saying that because of the run they’ve had?

    pulse red

    Chiefs vs 49ers

    Benjamin Mairs

    Bold prediction, mostly for choosing titans over chiefs. KC looks unstoppable right now, but if titans defense can shut down the ravens, they can do anything

    Jason H

    Madden curse will be Mahomes losing the AFC championship again

Ted Esparza

It’s gonna be another Packers-Niners classic. GB: 27 Niners: 35

    Ted Esparza

    @James Barlow We will see. Packers will be facing a totally healthy Niners D which man-handled them with some guys missing a few weeks back.

    The Terminator

    It’s gonna be a classic.. packers 7 niners 49

    Zak Anttila

    @The Terminator lol ok. I will come back here Sunday night to see you cry.

    Fee Knows

    Zak Anttila lol i love the packers fans faith in there team. too bad faith doesnt help you win games

    The Terminator

    Zak Anttila I’m not even a Niners fan lol

Daniel Tayong

Aaron Rodgers is the man. But i think the Niners take it.

Niners 27

Packers 20


    If Aaron was still in his prime I would take the packers because I don’t care how good your team was prime Aaron Rodgers had bullshit magic

Miguel Moreno

We gonna get that 6th and take it back to the Bay!


    25 years in the Making Quest for six

Phillip Wilson

Packers were getting banged up in that Seattle game.


It isn’t gonna be a blowout, I’ll tell you that.


This is gonna be a great game between two fantastic teams!


    Niners are scary good right now. But even LaFleur said it, the Pack are resilient as hell. Cant ever count them out, no matter the circumstances!!!

    Im saying 27-24 Packers IN OT



You can here the condescending voice of the guy talking about the packers

Maza Fhakar

Really wish I could put up a Packers over Niners score, but fraid I cant.
Will live in hope though; always a bit of hope with Rodgers at the helm.

Maza Fhakar

Really wish I could put up a Packers over Niners score, but fraid I cant.
Will live in hope though; always a bit of hope with Rodgers at the helm.

Toby And Max Educational videos

we have seen Rodgers pull off crazier things you never know 🙂

Corrupt Productions

Can’t wait to have my blood pressure go through the roof. Coming from a Packers fan.

Brian Steuerman

I’ve got the Niners winning by like 9 or 10 points. The Chiefs-Titans game is gonna be real close but I got the Titans making it with some key stops on defense and the Chiefs always choke at home at some point

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