Titans Convert on 4th to Set Up Derrick Henry TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Titans Convert on 4th to Set Up Derrick Henry TD

The Titans cap off a 58 yard drive with a touchdown run by Derrick Henry. The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL 2019 postseason's AFC Championship Game.

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Frank Comma to be

Didn’t even celly. The man simply returned home


“Can’t miss play” I thought this was going to be a 90 yard run 😂


Patrick mahomes is a beast

Shawn Christianson

Patrick is the Goat though.

    Prince Sosa

    @Chris Nguyen you wish it was rigged

    Prince Sosa

    @Chris Nguyen then wtf is rigged? what does that word even mean anymore ya’ll over used it talking about a super bowl 1 rematch

    Chris Nguyen

    @Prince Sosa You know I’m right, I’m Asian afterall.


    @Chris Nguyen you’re an utter idiot…

Legend Troy

Tennessee has Marcus who?


Chiefs winning

David Kolb

Chiefs came back…..AGAIN

Michael Wall

Man I like those red hi-tops…

Surg Rubin

Based on the advertisement: I WILL NOT BE purchasing ANY APPLE PRODUCTS

    Crystal Glass

    I got a star wars ad

    armando salamanca

    no one cares bro

    Surg Rubin

    @armando salamanca THEY DO CARE !!!! APPLE & you = twin turds !!

Dread Walker

So this is where the bandwagons are built? Nice.


Whoever that linebacker was played it off like he thought he was running up the gut just so he wouldn’t get ran over on the outside lol

Toadus -

They need to start running Derrick henry on the outside

    Salazar Payne

    Right out of the stadium and back to

Legend Troy

Tennessee turn out the lights the party’s over.

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

The Titans CHOKED 🤣🤣..38 yards since the 1st quarter🤣🤣

Legend Troy

2020 no miracle Titans here.

David Justin

0:35 Derrick Henry is literally the same size as his offensive linemen. Now I see why you he’s hard to tackle.

HD Sports TV

Waltz into the endzone. They bit on the jet sweep, great job on the fake

Todd P

Chiefs Williams outplayed Henry.

Todd P

Henry’s second half highlights: a bench.


Henry was good, but he can’t do it all alone.
Titans just sucked today.

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