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Dennis Kelly Becomes Biggest Player to Catch Postseason TD!

Titans pull out some trickery with a pass to backup lineman Dennis Kelly who scores the Big Man TD. The Tennessee Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the NFL 2019 postseason's AFC Championship Game.

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Tommy Dozier

Omg, in postseason. LMAO wtf ever lol

    William Wright

    Tommy Dozier u salty, you hella salty

    Blackthorn 461

    Tommy Dozier yeah, because in the regular season bigger people have scored


Mariota played? Interesting

    Desert Dogg

    @David Fahey I agree Winston Jamison is a bust in the thug


    Steven Pryce #17 lol


    Arik Armstead And Jayon Brown It’s Defense Secondary

Edward Fights

Imagine using the heaviest player metric in women’s sports?


    Edward Fights
    It’s not that deep fam

    Edward Fights

    @Daniel you’re the one making it deep, dummie lol


The refs need to start calling holding on the Chiefs. I don’t like either team, but have seen almost a dozen blatant holds by KC offensive line! Who paid the refs? Lol


    I was wondering if this would happen. The NFL trying to create the ultimate 100th anniversary Superbowl by having the Chiefs play the Packers like they did in season 1.

    Love Steelers

    Crybaby sore loser!

    Kyrie Irving



    the game was not even over and you were already making up excuses lol

16 JJ

Please someone explain me to this
When is a OL an elegible receiver?
And I’ve seen sometimes RBs and even WRs aren’t elegible, why is that??

    Jamador 135990

    Sometimes an extra lineman is brought in as an extra blocker but must declare themselves as “ineligible”.

    Justin Do

    Edit: to fully answer question.

    In order to be an eligible receiver as an OL, you have to be wearing specific Jersey number, and when you walk out onto the field you have to inform the refs that you are an eligible receiver. The refs will inform the opposing team that that specific OL is a receiver. The trick is to randomly have these players go out for plays and just block until you catch the other team off guard and forget you are a receiver. Also it is also beneficial because it partially freezes a linebacker because they know he can also catches.

    To answer your question, regarding why sometimes RB or WR are ineligible receives. Just like the previous situation, a RB or WR can also declare themselves as ineligible WR to the refs, who then inform the other team. They are then allowed to line up as a lineman. This is often done to fool defenses, especially in man to man or to set up a trick play later. This is not a common practice as 1) you would need a WR or Rb, who can actually block or else the LB will just bull doze through them or 2) it risk unnecessary injury to your WR or RB


    @Justin Do You just did this country a great service. Thank you.

Frank Sylvia

Chiefs should be thanking state farm 🙄

    Night shade

    WTF…4th quarter and KC winning?

jubrieel Jones

One for the big dogs hell yeah

T Love



Biggest player? All you have to do is play the game and somehow someway the nfl/ESPN will find a way to make you hold a record…he’s the biggest player in the first year of the decade to catch a pass during the hour of 5pm while the temperature is 35 degrees on a Sunday after noon

    Lil Bill


Tazz Games

I’m a Texans even though they’re in my division I want to see them win and because the chiefs beat us 😂

    Little Skittle

    Tazz Games damn sucks for you. you got beat twice. don’t say nothing bout my team tho, I already know lol.

Maly Boy

One time for The Big Boys!!!!! Yes!! #71!!

Lucid Creepy

Chiefs and Tennessee both insane teams

SammyRich82 ***

Oh man that’s some record to hold haha

Dani White

A green substance where you at now?

shamar storm

When Bill Belichick say thank you to Andy Reid

Love Steelers

Personally, I prefer KC winning and advancing to SB.
Let’s face it, the Titans are a one trick pony, ill suited to win a SB against NFC because they are only one dimensional with their running back. I’m AFC fan, so KC is better choice. They’re also just plain better than Titans.
Say buh buh Tennesee, your journey ends today with a loss to Chiefs!

HD Sports TV

Everyone loves a big man scoring a TD lol

# Guiltless

Celebrating these slobs..🤯😂

Jamie Delaney Sr

Refrigerator Perry was heavier.
Why are they always trying to forget and rewrite history?

John Smith

Every offensive lineman’s dream is to score a touchdown! 😂😂😂

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