Tim Brown Discusses Coach Gruden & 2020 Wide Receiver Draft Class – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tim Brown Discusses Coach Gruden & 2020 Wide Receiver Draft Class

Raiders.com's Eddie Paskal sits down with Hall of Famer and Raiders legend Tim Brown to discuss Head Coach Jon Gruden, the future of the Silver and Black, the excitement surrounding Las Vegas, and more.

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Oakland Native

tb#81 with the tape on his fingers!

    Justin Arre

    Mexico NFL USA thanks space Yios


Without that will just have abetter recird than traveling 5k miles during home games?! NFL SCUMBAGGCCKSUCKERS!?

    Bill Lozier

    “Dont sugarcoat it KID. Tell us how you really feel.” Lol!!! RN!…that’s a quote from Butch & Sundance…it fit you.

Lost Smoke

Thanks for the Tim Brown interview. I always enjoy hearing his opinions.

Danny V Diaz


Real Richmond

I hope we get to sign cee dee lamb ! And then the rest all defense!

    King Toya

    I agree. We think alike, like our avatars

    Real Richmond

    @King Toya YEE!💯

    Jacob Cruz

    Judy is a better fit! Lamb is good but I like Judy’s speed Nd big play ability better. I’d be fine with either or tho

Gwesus Santiago

If we draft a wr ??? He better be a dog !!!

Marty Anguiano

I hope we get the senior WR Tyler Johnson out of Minnesota

la tulipe noire

Ruggs is his name and he >lamb.

John Coleman

Man now i really just want to know the story of what Al Davis did to piss off that dealership owner.

Kinetic Kentray

Much respect to Tim Brown the best slot WR of all time.

Makaveli Raider Productions

Tim Brown truly knows what he’s talking about. Moving pieces on Grudens offense really does make things harder not just for the QB but the whole offense. That’s what happened all season. Gruden/Mayock traded for a WR 3 times.

Poppa WoLFF

I love hearing Timmy speak on the offensive game plan

Malcolm Sovani

wasn’t until a few day, I that i first seen Eddie Paskal. Oh the face with the voice

Dan Tanna

What happened to all those players in the NFL with “world class speed?” We had a few of them. What happened to the “glory days?” Usain Bolt said he wanted to be a “footballer” he ended up playing soccer in Australia. Lol. Should have been in Silver and Black.

S1L3NT 13

I expect and hope i see zay more hes really fast and finna b his 2nd year in the offense

Ray Sigala

Replace Williams with Roby Anderson, draft either Lamb, Juedy or Ruggs & we’re in business we desperately need speed on offense


They need to get Isaiah Simmons lb and get one of these receivers (lamb, jeudy, ruggs)

J Martinez

1 of my top 3 RAIDERS of all time saw him make allot of catches, and as a kick returner many times at the L A memorial coliseum.


Brown is one of my top 3 favorite Raiders ever! He was a serious threat on the field

bob maddy

Infamous 81
One of the best

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