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Remembering Super Bowl XLV | Packers Daily

On the anniversary of Super Bowl XLV, Mike Spofford takes a look at Aaron Rodgers’ postseason proficiency in this edition of Packers Daily.

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Liam Thomas

If only we could get another one😰

Cat guy Go crazy


    Liam Thomas

    Cat guy Go crazy nope I am and yet I don’t even care…

    Jake Gaskill

    Liam Thomas no you weren’t Cat guy Go crazy’s said 25 minutes ago and yours said 24

    Liam Thomas

    Jake Gaskill click newest first then scroll down 🤦‍♂️

    Jake Gaskill

    that’s not how it works buddy

Chris Ramirez

I love you packers

Eric S


Khii SG

We can get another one. I feel it


The packers will be back in 2020

Ezra Knaack

If we get one next year… the superbowl is on my birthday so thatd be nice

    MrFunez Productions

    How old u turning?


hello darkness my old friend

MrFunez Productions

We should of won it

Hector Rodriguez

Aaron Rodgers should have 2 more Rings 2011 and 2014

Glen Bard

Game was closer than it should have been. Remember the drops by Jordy Nelson and James Jones?

Wayne Gouin

GO PACK 2020!

777d7777 777d7777

Go Pack Go !!!!

ATRAX Productions

Let’s get another next season! Add Hargrave and Littleton, trade for OBJ, and we can win it all!

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