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Tight Ends Making Strides | Packers Daily

Wes Hodkiewicz takes a look at Green Bay’s well-rounded tight end group and some emerging linebackers in this edition of Packers Daily.

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desecrator Reply

Rodgers barely uses tight ends. Fire gutekunst. Worst. Draft. Ever.

    Johnny Huynh Reply

    Lol we draft tight ends to block… not throw to them

    WilsonNatureScapes Reply

    McCarthy didn’t use tight ends. Nothing to do with Rodgers. I’d bet a lot of money this draft pans out. Sorry it didn’t follow your social media popular mock drafts. There’s a reason those analysts aren’t general managers

    Lord Satan Reply

    You’re the worst. Find a new team.

    Tie One On Reply

    We finally have a great TE core. Jace is gonna be the popular one to throw to but Deguara and probably Tonyan are going to be used in some new roles here, im pumped to see. This isnt McCarthys offense anymore. We are going to see a lot more passes to RBs and TEs this year

    eric sigersmith Reply

    Except jermichael Finley toll he got hurt

Kiara Winters Reply

Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

Neonboss04 Reply

3 comment let’s go love the packers and the browns

Sergio Davila Reply

Keep carrying The G, Big Dawg!

Lord Satan Reply

Scary Gary

fatfitness vang Reply

Packers don’t even play TE

Charles Reply

Dude why you wearing mask in vid lol. Your by yourself

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