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Jaire Alexander, Za’Darius Smith and Jordan Love | Three Things

Senior writer Mike Spofford and analyst Larry McCarren discuss a full-strength defense with Jaire Alexander's and Za’Darius Smith’s return to practice and the challenges Jordan Love is facing as a rookie quarterback.

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Beep Boop Reply

Go Pack Go

Sebastian Mendoza Reply

What happend to larrys finger

    Sen Li Reply

    It’s so distracting lol

    jesusoftheapes Reply

    Football !

    pkfan961 Reply

    I think he likes to show that off

    jesusoftheapes Reply

    @pkfan961 He earned it in the trenches of course he is proud of it !

    Tyki Mikk804 Reply

    Tried to catch a ball from Brett Favre

Marlon Torres Reply

I’m just staring at Larry’s finger…

    William Davis Reply

    Take the mask off the face put it on the finger , please!

    William Davis Reply

    Check out the genius above . Dr Obvious diagnoses it as a broken finger. Lol. That is classic.

    William Davis Reply

    BLM would see the finger as a white supremacist sign!

    Matthew Tschannen Reply


    Eric Heinz Reply

    Bro…Why doesn’t he get that fixed lol

-CALI- GBPacker559 Reply

With all the craziness going on I really can’t wait for some Packer’s football.

    MrBrenman21 Reply

    It’s all a psyop

    -CALI- GBPacker559 Reply

    @MrBrenman21 right but if they really wanted for people to go crazy and buy toilet paper there’s other ways to do it.

    noobmaster Reply

    Same I’m so hyped GOPACKGO

    DeShan Nichols Reply

    Hope you talking more about the Pandemic and not the BLM movement when you say craziness if so than I’m with you Go Pack Go

Hector Rodriguez Reply

As a packers fan I still have no love interest and Jordan Love ❤️ What I am interested in is a wide receiver like CD went from Oklahoma although the Dallas cowgirls picked him first, anyway Aaron Rodgers is still our starting quarterback and he will always start.

    SilentShores Reply

    Yeah, Rodgers expressed he wishes to play well into his 40s and I am disappointed we didn’t trade up for a WR with being one game away from the Super Bowl last year!! I’m sure Rodgers will really play with a chip on his shoulder now though!

    I am exited for Jordan Love being the future of the Pack and taking the time to learn from one of the greatest!!

    Evan Shanley Reply

    Sorry bud. I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy here, but Rodgers isn’t gonna play the rest of his career in green bay. Guty wouldn’t have traded up in the first round, just to draft a player that won’t play for another 5 or 6 years.

spicy boyz Reply

Oh my finger

Big B Reply

I love that every video Larry is in there is that one person who says what happened to his finger. True Packers fans know!

AnthonyK55 Reply

Anyone else watch these daily and can’t hold the excitement for week 1 with how the team is looking?

Adith Gogul Reply

Going to college in wisconsin was so fun especially during the season! Imma miss it

High Priority Gaming HPG Reply

Dude whats up with the finger

    Lord Satan Reply

    He broke it during his time playing for the Packers. Never got it fixed, just kept it that way.

    High Priority Gaming HPG Reply

    @Lord Satan thank you !!! I cant believe ive never noticed it !!!

Rylie Carter Reply

Who’s Larry pointing at ?

Jaylen Goodman Reply

Green Bay4Life!!!🟢🟡

2323 1 Reply

No pre-season means stronger individual workouts.

Tie One On Reply

Id appreciate not wearing a mask if u are talking into a mic

Max Reagan Reply

How does Larry put his hand in his pocket?

Taj Woods Reply

Aye please don’t do this narrative with Jordan love because we all know that he will not touch the field this year unless we are in a blowout game!! Give him two years, but do not give him so much hate! The long grieving message you two gave is sad he is young and is just know in a the league and learning how to fine tune his play so let him be him there’s no need to look at him in disgust just cuz we all wanted a WR and ik know AR12 is our lord and savior at the end of the day imma CheeseHead. So I still gotta deal with watever the packers do! And yes I will still support AR12 if he goes elsewhere.

Ricardo Vera Reply

I have no sympathy for Jordan Love. GB reached big time. They think they made Aaron Rodgers. This will fail miserably.

The GOQ BayBee Reply

Wish they would show actual videos of the practice

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