Three Things: Packers Embracing Accountability, Unsung Heroes, and All That’s Different – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Avi Pontos


    John Brey

    Second 🙂

Jim Weitzel

That mask is like using chicken wire to keep out mosquitoes. Plus you are compromising your health and immune system big time. Look it up…

    John Brey

    U first

    Vijay Swearingen

    Jim must be an MD 😅

M&M Entertainment

What happened to his finger 💀

    Chadro Donni

    Football happened

    M&M Entertainment

    Chadro Donni really💀

Chadro Donni

“3 Things” is back baby!

Chadro Donni

Those masks look sweet.

Scylanos aa

Why delete my comment? Don’t like freedom of speech either…? I thought the Packers are Americas team, but seems like you wanna just be followers and not stand strong for what’s right!

Stone Cold

the masks have to go. the paranoia is ridiculous

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