LaFleur On Packers’ Training Camp Layout: ‘Unprecedented’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brian Albright



Fire Lafleur

Seito Stockman

just don’t like this guy, should still be an assistant coach somewhere or a college coach

    Hector Rodriguez

    Which coach you rather have than Matt?

    Luke D

    Went 13-3 in his first year and created an environment that made the team really close. He’s doing well.

    Vertical Yetti

    Luke D he’s probably upset that Matt was apart of the draft and the draft didn’t really go well…

Avi Pontos

LaFleur could be could or bad he still hasn’t proven himself

    Kiondre Graham

    Well he’s off to an awesome start

Hector Rodriguez

As a packers fan Matt and GM Brian could have drafted a wide receiver not a quarterback like Jordan love And I have no love ❤️ interest in Jordon love what I’m interested in is a wide receiver CD Lamb

    Luke D

    There’s no way we could’ve gotten Ceedee lamb. I’m not happy with the Love pick either but it is what it is and the first round quality receivers were gone by the time we were up to draft.


I see a dumbed down version of football coming… Completely unrecognizable

tiffaney H

Stay Healthy Go Packers 20/21💪👀🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏆

Will Thomas

Thee Coach That destroyed Green bay.

Chadro Donni

Go Pack go…. Cant wait to watch Rodgers light it up.
Aaron Jones is on his way to being a Superstar. AJ Dillon looks like a beast….. Not to mention “The Super Smith Bros”. This season could be fun. If it happens…


Just like Rodgers is on the clock so should Matt… even more so. He struggle at halftime adjustments and a “run first” offense with a legendary QB (questions). If he can’t win SB this year, I say get rid of him. Rodgers only need an B plus defense….

    Jimmy. D

    man what are you smoking


    Jimmy. D the same thing you are……. Get rid of Matt lol


Big thanks to everyone who organized, edited, and uploaded these Press Conferences. It was great to hear from Gutekunst and Coach LaFleur again. I’m so glad camp is getting going. I hope it’s as safe and smooth as possible. Go Pack Go!

Brandon Cox

Done with this guy. If the Packers are winners this year, it has more to do with Rodgers than Lafluer.

Jim Bucket

Rob demovsky should not be allowed to ask any more questions. He is a complete idiot.


    Can’t stand tjah guy

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