The Voyage (Ep. 14) Taking Down The Saints | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Voyage (Ep. 14) Taking Down The Saints | Minnesota Vikings

On this week's episode of "The Voyage," get an all-encompassing look back at Sunday's thrilling 26-20 overtime win over the New Orleans Saints, including a look at Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer's speech at Saturday's team meeting, bench sound, footage from the postgame locker room celebration, and more.

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Gamer boy 101

You like that




    Gotta like that!

    honkeykong 406


    Raider Nation101


    Gamer boy 101

    Omg top comment thx everyone I feel famous


winning the superbowl

    Adnan Shaikh

    One game at a time bro…

    Skoldier Soup

    If we can beat the 49ers. I think we have a damn good chance. But yes one game at a time. Our toughest opponent yet stand between us and that trophy. One more mighty dragon to slay in the NFC in the 49ers. SKOL.

Brandon Schott

Paul Allen has to be the best in the league at what he does

    David Kim

    Love his passion

    Tim Kaiser

    And he needs too work on his math

    Mark Rangel

    The most inspiring thats for sure. A true fan…. SKOL!!!!

    Nam Aste

    Freaking love PA

    Stuck Inside of Mobile

    @Tim Kaiser And you need to work on your spelling

Ryan M.

Pure tears of joy when Captain Kirk said: “YOU LIKE THAT!!!” It’s amazing how a true leader like Kirk and a strong defense can slay any dragon in this league. I have the utmost confidence in this team beating the odds and finally getting to, and winning the BIG ONE! Vikings are life!


    Ryan M. You like that I hope so we can do Go get it


    me too… to see Cousins’ teammates love him up like that, was heartwarming and emotional…the players on this team seem to genuinely care about each other, and thats SO important in any sport at ANY level…

    taco highlite

    Same skol there is something about this team this year not the year not are home but something different pure tears of joy when we won.


Love how much they highlighted the defense for this game. These guys stepped up a lot from the regular season.

    Wtf Mane

    Them boys started snapping

    Joe Law

    Didn’t you guys get beat by the Bear the previous week?

    Wtf Mane

    @Joe Law bears beat the 2-3 Rd string. I’m sorry where TF are the bears again? Ohhhh that’s right. The bears are not allowed to play. Your season over kid it’s playoff time. Now leave it to the God damn beast


Any Given Sunday, SKOL!!! Go Get It Vikings!!!

Patrick Thometz

We have to be even better this weekend.gotta be able to run the rock and pressure little jimmy

    Aaron Hinrichs

    Ahhhh-ha Little Jimmy

    North StarState

    Patrick Thometz model/ pornstar jimmy🤣.


Saturday Special, we need the Purple People Eaters again to get to the NFC Title game

Trevor Renshaw

Three more games boys just three more games


If you want it, GO GET IT

Patrick Thometz

Ya think Paul Allen is a homer? LMAO


    sometimes it looks like hes gonna fall out of the pressbox, and onto the fans in the seats, he gets so fired up after a score or win…i love it.

    Patrick Thometz

    @TelecasterGod its great. And fucking hilarious!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!


Anyone have the stats to see how accurate Griffen’s statement about the coin toss?

Albert Trujillo

Underdogs again. Go get it!!

Gcmoney26 clv

Less go get it Skoooll let’s start early quite the crowd and execute we got this!!😈😈😈🤙🏽🤙🏽


    Gcmoney26 clv we need to start strong and fast 10-0 lead would be nice

John Bob


David Mueller

Yea tho I walk through the valley of balmy temperatures and partial sunshine, I fear no 49ers
For thy defensive rod, and thy offensive staff, they comfort me.


    AMEN, brother

Genny Barajas

SKOL!!!! Yes I LIKE THAT!!! Let go get! 💜💛 Like Anthony Harris said “Different day, Same recipe!”

I just want to add: I LOVE PAUL ALLEN!

judith lambertson

Is there a more enthusiastic Viking fan than Paul Allen?


“RUUUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEE!!!!” Makes me smile 🙂

Wilbert Meaway

“You Like Dat” lmfao never gets old. Let’s gooooo

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