Film Room: How Do The 49ers Attack Defenses With George Kittle and Deebo Samuel? | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: How Do The 49ers Attack Defenses With George Kittle and Deebo Samuel? | Minnesota Vikings

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joins Paul Allen on this week's "Vikings GamePlan" looks at how the San Francisco 49ers offense may look to attack the Vikings using the likes of TE George Kittle and WR Deebo Samuel. Plus, Bercich looks at the dynamic defensive line that the 49ers will bring to the table.

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Der Senetix

We win this Game! #vikings

    sean mcclish

    Der Senetix I really hope so


    Maybe not. Either way, I want a Madden update out of it.

Mustafa Ali

If we win this game, the Seahawks nor the Packers will stop us from going to the Super Bowl. 🏟


    @StrangeBowling you cannot compare the browns playing against the 49ers but nice try


    @EternalCreator you only saying that cause for some miraculous reason 49ers got top seed. When was the last time you had number one seed idiot? But itll all be short lived and you’ll be crying and feeling every spanking the Niners recieve.




Nick Bosa is hot but not nearly as hot as his older brother Joey.
Carry on.

    Clapping Cheex

    L o L


    4x iRacing World Record Holder You cared enough to reply. Keep hating. I don’t care.

ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛

ethan Frye

Paul “Kittles and Bits” Allen

John Lind

PA was so happy with himself whenever he used “Kittles and Bits”

Tee Moncrief

Go get it Skol !!


They NEED to use Kyle rudolph like how they use kittle. I’ve been watching Kyle for years and I KNOW he can make these same plays. Some even better

    Duque Braga

    rudolph is so much slower

    Jaeden Stovall

    Irv Smith is more like kittle

    Nam Aste

    Kyle doesn’t have his speed. Nothing against Rudolph but they are two completely different players. Like Jaeden mentioned above, Irv is more the Kittle style player which I think in years to come, you’ll start to see that more and more.


    Nam Aste but in the sense that they are alike is that Rudolph has the ability to go out and get it and catch over almost ANYONE

    Nam Aste

    Blacksmith8rock True but in reply to your original statement. Kyle just isn’t a full on receiving TE like Kittle because he doesn’t have the same speed. Kittle is a giant WR in a sense and just has a different skill set. Just different style players and yes, both have very good hands. If just talking about a jump ball scenario, I’ll take Kyle all day long.

    Neither here nor there and I think the Vikes have a good chance in this one. Run the ball to immobilize their great pass rush and win time of possession. Then a lot of PA’s to Thielen for easy first downs. And if our D gets in Jimmy G’s face like they did Brees, we’ll be in it with a chance to win.

Jeff Gensworth

Please make sure thelin/Diggs are good please please thanks we need them against this amazing defense

gary cobiak

Im just happy we beat the saints. What happens after this is borrowed time.

Antonio Gamer

Ok they should use a team that the 49iners faced and team Vikings haven’t lost to

MC Studios

The Vikings defense needs to play loose and fast

    Demitri Tyler

    Yes play loose. Kyle loves it when the defense is loose.

Mr Sharpe

Bang Bang Niner gang

pipus hipus

Niners win 999999999-0


“You might lose with me, but you can’t win without me.” – Terry Bradshaw – – Kirk needs some of THAT mojo.


I just gotta say, the production quality of this show is incredible. Well done.

Jay Paul Mojica

Niners dominated packers Vikings lost twice to packers get ready to get served in Santa Clara go niners !

    Philip Lopiano

    That logic is so flawed,9ers lost to falcons but we crushed falcons.this game is gonna be close,watch


None the less niners fan here gonna be a great game this is a playoff match I wanna see

Harvey Smith

I think the 49ers will win. 👍

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