The NFL Pays Respects to Fallen Legend Kobe Bryant – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saying “Kobe” when throwing a paper ball into the trash will never be the same.

    Gareth Jones

    yup im not going to say kobe anymore

    roberto heredia

    Bruh stop copying these comments

    Josiah Adams

    Say “For Kobe”


    ً deja vu

    OG Demon

    Facts but now I’ll look up and ask Kobe to guide it

Erin Valko

RIP legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and everyone else who died you all will be missed dearly.


RIP GIGI AND KOBE you will forever live in everyone’s heart 🏀🏀🏀

Hitting Ninja99

Trying not to cry hearing this, it was even sadder to hear he was going to a kids travel game. #24 #8

    badman eugene

    @Andrew Michieli I never said he wasn’t a good person read what I said correctly

    John Adams

    @badman eugene bro nobody cares about your attitude right now we are here to pay respects to a person who impacted all of us. If your just going to spread hate then you arent a true fan because he wouldnt have wanted this. So I think you should just leave!

Emmit Smith

Man god took his daughter too, my respect goes out to Kobe wondering man rest well

    CBR Fireblade

    I think gravity was first in line for the “taking” thing…Ahahahaah

    alex amaro

    @CBR Fireblade I’m so mad I laughed at that

typcial brawl

Don’t cry because he is gone, smile because he was here. rip

    CBR Fireblade

    Yup, finally defying gravity, way to go Kobe…..


    Typical brawl Bullcrap! He was too young to die.

    A bro but not a dude

    This makes it even harder

    Shanice Williams

    typcial brawl it still sucks, why should I smile about something that could’ve been prevented or shouldn’t have happened


    He wouldn’t want us to be sad and depressed right, so I try to stay positive for him


I never heard anyone say “LeBron” or “Jordan” when throwing a piece of paper in the trash. It was always “Kobeee” 😭mans a legend may he rest in piece 🖤🐍

    Cookies Tv

    That Kobe came from the Chapelle show

    M .M

    Well said!!!

    Merc Madam

    I always said Jordan….

    Loading ARGOS


    Chubbina Fatzerelli

    Now we say for Kobe

AngusArt Entertainment

Whether you loved or hated the team, no denying the impact Kobe had on the game. Kudos to the NFL for acknowledging his legacy.

Alvan Hsu

Kobe is such a unimaginable player with so much fans around him, i watched his NBA videos a lot, my family missed him so much and we wish him rest in peace :'(

    Charlie Aldridge

    The english isn’t the best but your hearts in the right place buddy.


    @Charlie Aldridge The english doesn’t matter

    Charlie Aldridge

    ProdegeticOfficial Well said


Andrew Hawkins in the beginning when he was crying was making me cry all over again😭😭


When a league Kobe didn’t even play in pays respect to him, you know he’s a legend.


    He is not just an NBA Legend or Hall of Famer, he is one of the most influential athletes to live.

    Angie H

    gor9027 all three other major sports league did it 👏


Let’s also pray for the college basketball coach, his wife, daughter and his brother were on the plane as well. 😞

    Dee Bee

    @yes yes nah the devil did. He likes rapists.


    A C lol this is worded VERY poorly. You should edit or delete it because it’s misleading


    Not a plane

    Brandon Cervantes

    His wife wasn’t on the helicopter

    Zombo’s World

    Baseball Coach legend*Coached MLB guys like Arron Judge But still Rest In Peace


Huge lump in my throat watching this. Beautiful tribute to Kobe, his daughter and the others who passed today.


This was like experiencing the death of Michael Jackson all over again. Rest in peace Kobe, we hope to see you in the next life 🙏

    Rico Risken

    False accusations are starting to manifest with Michael Jackson “supposedly” touching kids.

    Le Nguyen

    @XBR4Da yea a ONE SIDED MOCKUMENTARY should be a reliable source STFU

    Shanice Williams

    XBR4Da so you believe everything those “victims” said? Lol than why were one of the “victims” upset that he couldn’t be involved in MJ tributes if it the abuse was so “traumatic”. And why did they repeatedly say that Michael didn’t do anything to them

    Chi Non

    John Doe high key

Dazed MG

In class when I’m shooting a shot in a trash can and I say kobe , it’s going to hit different now 🤦‍♂️😢


    Dazed MG Very original

    Bongo Fury

    I know, every time I cheat on my girl, it feels different now…..

Marty Flaherty

This was really cool of the nfl to take a moment of silence to remember him

Blame Disney

Rip Kobe, his daughter, and everyone else on board may god rest their souls 🙏🏻 🕊


The last minute when Kobe held onto his daughter, just breaks my heart.

    armando barocio

    That what I’ve been thinking.

Isaac X

Can’t imagine how they felt 😢


    Isaac X Probably over in a split second. Might not have known a thing.


Saying *”For Kobe!”* Everytime I shoot a ball in nba 2k20 reminds of how a great legend he was
R.I.P brother we’ll miss you…Love from PH

    Snow Anaya

    Me when I throw balled up paper in the trash from today and onwards: ” *tear in my eye* KOBE !!!”

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