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Guys I Finally...

Power Ranking

2 team

I see now.

    Rory Schmidt

    Can’t wait for the post Superbowl power ranking lol

    John Carter

    @Rory Schmidt
    Lol 😆


“This game is going to be a close one, 24-21”


    I think it’s gonna be a higher scoring game, also, who do you think is gonna win?

    HZ- Phantom YT

    That was my same prediction

    Scott Johnson

    i call 48 Niners and 44 Chiefs will go to the last 10 seconds but they need 4 not three whoops niners win

    Scott Johnson

    think saints niners regular season
    saints even used there new young QB hill along with the old man who is a much better QB vrs Jimmy G =)


    NINERS Way better period not close WATCH


My projection says 23-27


I predict 42-38

I don’t know who will win but I predict these numbers

    Chase Stetler

    Would the 9ers defense give up this big of a score though

    Mark Kang

    Chase Stetler yes, have you seen the chiefs offense, the speed on their side is too much to keep up witg

    Butch Dye

    TheLogan47 38-35 you pick.

    Butch Dye

    Chase Stetler sfo/no 48-46 ?


Cynthia can just get off the show.


    Nah she can get it



    Harrison Brand


    Harrison Brand

    actually, yeah i agree


    I mean just get rid of all of them in that case. At least she’s fun to look at. Does anyone really take what they say seriously?

FakeUser NameTwo

The polar opposites meet in the battle of the best.

Nihar Kongara

49ers been ‘underdogs’ the entire damn season

    Tim Moore

    @Matt Burasco On GMFB, their 3 hosts consistently ranked the Saints over the 49ers, even after the 49ers beat them. That was major disrespect.

    Matt Burasco

    @Tim Moore haha who cares what they say? Their word is no different from mine or yours.

    Tim Moore

    Good Point Matt. But, Nihar’s point was that the 49ers were long-time underdogs, despite being the only undefeated team in the NFL. And, they would have been the 5th seed, had SEATTLE won their 2nd matchup.

    Maurice B.

    No they haven’t they’ve been the over dogs watch the season bro

    Matt Burasco

    @Tim Moore long time underdogs? Dude, I’m 34 years old and have never seen the Chiefs in the Superbowl. Do you know how hard it is being a fan of a team that you’ve never seen win???

Nicky Lagos

Im early

Sports 311

I see the 49ers a slight underdog in this game


1:58 High School Quality Fat Shaming

    Bob Gnarly

    Sounds like someone took it personally.

carson houser

We need to get the NFL to 6 million subs by june

Curtis 23


I think the chiefs D will step up. If not I think the 49ers will win by a field goal….

Maurice B.

Yes white girl Stephen Curry took the torch from LeBron James

Tahj Butcher

0-3 score😂

konasake Trinh

I got the niners win by 10 =))

The mad hatter

49ers will win , it’s already a set up 💯 I’m telling you now , THIS IS THE TRUMAN SHOW💭

Michael Tipler

Fire this guy. Please.
He’ll fire-em all

Richard Adeola

RIP kobe

Moi Pineda

Niners win 36-31

David Shack

49ers will run over the chiefs, it’s a pity for mahomes

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