The Future of the Cowboys Franchise in 2020 | Cover 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Future of the Cowboys Franchise in 2020 | Cover 4

Cover 4 crew reacts to the season ending, and what's ahead moving forward into the offseason.

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Alex John

First go cowboy

Brian Waller

Let the fun begin. I expect a complete house cleaning done. If Garrett is back I won’t tune into any of this. None. I will act like the cowboys don’t exist

    Kevin McCarthy

    Brian Waller Couldn’t have said it better. This is exactly how I feel.

    John Sickler

    Cry bbys cry

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Cowboys lost too many close games compared to last year.

Marvene Mitchell

Barry Church!! Please , Bring a Towel or something on camera. I am tired of seeing your head sweating Profusely during the COVER 4 videos. Just dab it from time to time.

Ramon Flores

Congratulate your players?? For what ? They suck just like the gm and coaches!!

Kevin McCarthy

Hey remember the beginning of the season when we thought this may finally be our year? That was fun right?

    little hollow

    yep xD

Robel Lemma

finally cowboys will change

David Parkes

For me it’s all coaching. If they need to do any clean outs on players it’s all D. They’re SET on O. Particularly at QB. They need to get secondary guys who can pick off passes.


Dez come back!!!!!

    little hollow


    John Sickler

    He won’t read this. You got to text him on Instagram or fb

David Parkes

Also “Zeke is the MVP of the season.” BAHAHAHAHAHA! No he wasn’t. That’s 100% Dak, or are we choosing to ignore the FACT that Zeke was a non-factor in more games than he was (more games under 100 yards than over)?

    Charles Chreptak

    They both can go.

    David Parkes

    @Charles Chreptak If it wouldn’t put them in cap hell Zeke definitely should. I’m keeping Dak.

OscarHolly User

Where was “The Spirit-The Energy-The Juice and The Determination” throughout the season …. This season was rOllErcOAstEar oF EmoTIonS!!

Charles Chreptak

Listening to Jerry speak is nauseating!

Anonymous Google

I am sorry to say this, but the Cowboys stink. These players are highly overrated. Coaches can do so much. The players just aren’t as good as a lot of the teams in the league. Despite who is the head coach if you bring back these same core of players, then you will get the same results. Cowboys are not going to win with Dak. It might take one or two more years for Jerry to figure that one out.

Anonymous Google

Smearing the Redskins on final game of year is nothing to be enthused about.

king Solomon

They all outta there. It’s been reported not one coach

Jorge Pech

Quiten esta viejo ya no corre dark ala banca garret fuera

Rich Moore

Jerry Jones and his brood are the issue for this team on the field,not the franchise…Jimmy Johnson built the team in the 90’s that was his team not JJ’s..this team hasn’t been relevant since Superbowl 30,and will never be as long as Jerry and his kids are in charge..the rosterfrom top to bottom is overrated.and over paid.

Franchoise Price

I am disappointed in this season for the Cowboys I’ve Been a Cowboy fan for 53 years and it’s time to make some changes with the coaches let go of Jason Garrett please

timothy legier

The cowboys sucks and swallows.


we need a punter also.

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