Jason Garrett on 105.3 The Fan on His Future | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jerry Penna

Seems like Garrett is so geared into “the process” that he cant adjust.

    Brian Waller

    He is too ocd and has to do things his way and unable to adjust.

    Flash Gordon

    Its core Princeton values.

    Jerry Penna

    Randy Lahey my 20 year old son has been waiting for this moment for 7 years. I teased him he’s like Phil Collins so He took the mike Tyson scene from the hangover and put Garrett’s face over fat jesus when Tyson knocks him flat to “I’ve waiting for this moment for all of my life”. 😂

nut master69

Jerry Jones: Jason your fired

Jason Garrett:👏👏👏👏👏


    Do you know what an expiring contract is? You can do a search.

Ramon Flores

Tell me one time in your ten years as head coach that a decision you have made had won the Cowboys a game ?? Never has happened 😡

Ramon Flores

Garrett mite be a good high school coach maybe🤔

    Randy Black

    Take it a step further I think that would be a great passion for Jason garrett he should be coaching highschool players that way his messages Will be well received

Nick Donato

although it is time for dallas and Garrett to go their separate ways, you have to respect the class and professionalism he exudes. he loves and respects the star as much as anyone you could hope for to coach the dallas cowboys. and imagine if the JG in dallas for the last 10 years was someone like john gruden. yikes. thank you jason and i wish you the best, i just wish my cowboys better😬✭

Criz Nluv

This interview is sickening!
Get this guy Out Please!!!

    Trae Fauntleroy


Brian Waller

Hog wash jason Garrett lost games winning the turnover battle, time of possession, and yards. Truly mind boggling losses

Doug kgn17

This dude is inspired after 8 -8

    Flash Gordon

    The team is a total failure.

    Randy Lahey

    It sums up his 10 year tenure with us. I think we’ve all had enough of this.


Can’t wait until Wednesday

    Akim Smith



    Akim Smith Jay Glazer reported that Wednesday is when Garrett’s contract is officially expired but Jane Slater came out earlier and said it’s not until the 13th so who knows. Either way Garrett is gone lol

Flash Gordon

Why do the players seem like spoiled Divas, and who didn’t discipline them properly????

Kinto \》

How can coach Garret be happy they beat a mediocre team yesterday. We needed to beat the eagles … Sorry no excuses

All up in the videos....

Let’s get Josh McDaniels or that big ball headed coordinator dude from the 49ers

    Kahron Winston

    All up in the videos…. nah urban myer

todd gurthy

Icing your own kicker to lose the game is what put the nail in the coffin for me. Yet he was continually resurrected year after year with the same inconsistency.
What a lost bet that came to be.
Then again, I like to ponder that what ifs.
Imagine if Bryant’s catch at Lambeau was ruled a catch back in ’14…
Imagine if Rodgers doesn’t complete the sideline pass to set up the game winning field goal in ’16.
2 plays, where if played out differently, could have shifted today’s narrative drastically.
Who knows what the talk would be if Garrett could have ever gotten through Green Bay…


Though the team is gonna move on from Garrett you better believe there’s other teams waiting to call him.


Hes gonna be demoted to oc and kellen moore will be head coach.


Wish him the best for sure

jeremy x

“”Mr. Inconsistency”
“Mr. Mediocre”
“Mr. Move On Buddy”

See ya !!!!
Wouldn’t wanna be ya !!!

mikey joe

I heard there are photos being leaked of jason garret riding a stick horse in a thong…..

Tim Cameron

Sad part is he is a good guy 🤔. .
. Just a bad coach , he would be great in highschool

Kevin Anthony

He sounds like he know he ain’t getting fired 😑

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