Terron Armstead Focused on Improvement Ahead of Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Terron Armstead Focused on Improvement Ahead of Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints left tackle Terron Armstead post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints' week 15 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.
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Jacob Trujillo

We should have won

    Sandy Mitchell

    you will never win when you let a team score 48 points in a game, brees cant play every position…also a saints fan

    jerry robinson

    we did win and then the Defense gave it away

    Sandy Mitchell

    @jerry robinson I agree, as a saints fan rarely do I have a chance to feel comfortable. I’m constantly screaming and pacing the floor like a expecting father. I cant believe this organization has not gone out and got this man Mr drew Brees a legitimate defense (Secondary) every game I hear the announcer’s say ya their gonna target Eli Apple! and I cant blame them. very sad our defense has ranked 25_31st. thats a shame when you have one of football’s greatest QB’s in the game.

Fucker Productions

Held Bosa in check while injured. It’s a shame the defense didn’t show up though.

Jerry Pore Jr.


    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    Geaux Saints ⚜🏈 We gonna bounce back πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

    Blake Widmer

    we’ll come back stronger Jerry!

Michael Barras

Defense sucked! Especially secondary.
Offense was lights out against #1 D…

    Michael Barras

    @Sandy Mitchell seems that way.

    luke wilson

    @Nola 360 exactly


    @Michael Barras you right, the defense just struggled through out the game. They made a few plays here and there but overall, they gave up far to many yards. I think when they meet again in the playoffs it will be a different story. Apple & Williams coverage wise? πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€… smh


    @Michael Barras absolutely! We all know Saints Defense is way better than that. They just had a bad game at the worst time. The secondary gotta step it up man! Big time!!! Round 2 will be different, just watch!

Ricky Whitfield

If Jared Cook didn’t get hurt we would have won

    Fucker Productions

    That was a cheap shot to Cook on the TD pass that sent him out of the game.

    Ash Rim

    Fucker Productions imagine if we did that to Kittle… we wouldn’t have heard the end of it

    Fucker Productions

    @Ash Rim I agree. Cook is finally starting to turn it on, hopefully he’s back against the Colts.

    luke wilson



    Easily! Ravens exposed the 49ers with multiple tight end sets. Saints knew where to hit em at! Cooks going down messed up the game plan. That was a huge loss, losing him on that kind of play was hard to watch! That guy should’ve been ejected for that helmet to helmet shot on Cooks. Saints will get them clowns un the playoffs! I can’t wait

Jerry Pore Jr.

(Sighs) Oh well. NEXT!

Ash Rim

I like his positivity … it is what it is move on and get ready for the next game


They really clowned the #1 rank defense and scored multiple TD’s on them. Saints lost the battle but they’ll win the war, just sit back and watch. Brees sliced their secondary up in that 2 minute Offense. I truly believe had cooks finished the game we would’ve won easily… That fast past style is not the 49ers style at all… They barely got outta the Dome with a win. the 49ers targeted Cooks and hit the man and purposely took him out. We’ll get them Clowns back in the Playoffs!!!! πŸ”₯⚜πŸ”₯⚜πŸ”₯⚜!!!!

    Γ§.Γ£.? m

    I thought injuries didn’t matter………. Cause the niners have a bunch of injured players aswell


    @Ramon Crocodilians Productions Who Dat!!! πŸ”₯⚜πŸ”₯⚜πŸ”₯⚜!!! Pay back will be MF! They couldn’t handle Cook down the middle. Imagine had he played the whole game? Saints would’ve won easily.

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    @B.Allen Factssss… You are so right. They couldn’t even handle Murray either. I hope we play them in the playoffs in the NFC Championship game. Hopefully we’ll get the #1 Seed. The Packers are going to have to lose and we gonna have to Win out. We can do it!!! Geaux Saints ⚜🏈⚜🏈⚜🏈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


    @Ramon Crocodilians Productions Murray should have had way more snaps… Feed the man SP!!! Daumm…

    Jamir Bingham

    Γ§.Γ£.? m who was injured for them

luke wilson



    Easton’s been starting

    luke wilson

    @ntrprising even when peat is healthy in the playoffs.


    @luke wilson Maybe we’ll see…

Sid May

You guys played great, against an equal team. You just came up short

    Sandy Mitchell

    ya our coach loves 2 pt conversions that we never make, and trick plays

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

That’s right Terron!!! Keep improving. We gonna bounce back and they better hope they don’t see us again because, the Saints are going to go all out on em. 49ers are a great team with great players no doubt but, if we play em again in the playoffs with our defense showing up we Can beat them no doubt. They got lucky. Geaux Saints ⚜🏈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ We’ll be back! #Saints #NewOrleansSaints #NFL

Robert Epps


Coty Benoit

We need to address our secondary period Our offense was on point and Kamara acts like he doesn’t want it anymore

    Kaw Shin

    If we dont try and draft corners next yr I’ll be pissed. Waiting for unrestricted free agents wont cut it

    Sandy Mitchell

    How long will it take before they realize this??? brees will be gone by then,its a shame drew brews has had to play with such a awful defense/ secondary all his career. The defense has lost multiple trips to superbowls and we wont go out there and get one? I guess they never heard defense wins championships


    You can’t really fault Kamera he’s coming off of an ankle injury and probably limited to some of the things he used to do and I truly believe our problem is not the secondary yes they have their moments but our problem is a number 2 receiver you put a solid number two opposite of Michael Thomas were dominant

Bill Bright

We left a little to much time on the clock after our last score. Don’t like two point conversions. They very often don’t work. Kick almost guarantees 1 point.

Let’s learn and get better,, there’s some darn good teams out there, it’s gonna take our best shot.

    Sandy Mitchell

    From what I could find we haven’t made one 2 pt conversion all year!! and rank 27th in conversions all time. with our normal PA’s we would have been tied and went into overtime. we cant let teams beat us with mental mistakes and penalty’s. we sacked the QB on 4th down #22 holds and 49ers get the 1st down, that was ball game right there! we take possession game over! whew! Ok Sorry for the long rant just had to get it off my chest i feel better now…LOL

    Jamir Bingham

    Sandy Mitchell I didn’t even know we could have won that way, so really truly if we didn’t hold we win the game wow, I’m guessing after that holding call that’s when they threw it to kittle

    Sandy Mitchell

    @Jamir Bingham yep


keep that line together bigT.A just a good dog fight. We needed a good long fight with points.now lets. Go get it champ πŸ†. Whodattt.

Michael Caliste

All I got to say is Latavius Murray to Sean Payton.


    He should have been in the game way more!!! The man was very productive !

ScarpNOLA tv

#WhoDat ⚜️⚜️

Dan Nelson

I feel both teams let it all hang out…nobody is to blame…it was just a very good game.

Leroy Davis

Protection definitely was there, we have guys here who want to play good ball for the Saints that have the ability to score. Over all their game was faster so they beat us with speed ,endurance only by two points. Armstead yall was great.Go Saints!

Russell Wilson

This was definitely a defensive loss… Can’t hang it on the offence… GEAUX BREES!!! WHO DAT!!!

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