Chiefs’ Capture 4th-Straight AFC West Title, 10 Observations from Sunday | In the Trenches 12/9 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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    Offense wasn’t that impressive vs earlier games. Get a clue

    Chiefsrule KC

    @Norseman Take a chill pill enjoy the win

    Sleuter McGavin

    Yeah, enjoy the win! If there’s anything to complain about the D it is Charvarious Ward. Literally every big play and both touchdowns including Brady’s big run were blown by him. Check the film he’s literally afraid of being hit… I don’t get what people are seeing in him now that bill and the patriots literally targeted him all game.

Drew Voyles

How about those chiefs

Tick Tock


Theo Lee

Mahomes rally the troops that was amazing great sign of a leader😎👍


I hope we win in playoffs💁🏼‍♂️

    Bill Carson


Clan Fire

Kelce with the wild

Yo Boi JOE

Playoffs here we come!

samson gersing

CHIEFS KINGDOM–> Patty, & da’Mahomie’s legion of Zoom, With Sack “Nation & Honey Badger’s game closers!!!!

Bill Carson


Savion Dupree

Let’s go chiefs

Tyler Prince

No you have to use kahlan Saunders at the wildcat spot, or just line him up at running back lol dude played running back a few times in high school and college, 300lber who can do back flips lol GET THAT MAN THE BALL

Jimmyz Phillips

You make great points about how we Leaned on Defense to win these kind of games, no run game, we balanced pass defense on the back side with decent play across the line and some consistent pass rush, more run first defensive attitude late, they didn’t forget that offenses will run late, good stuff, way to stay home, keep those lanes clogged. D-Line Victory boyz. Thanks for Ballin.

fred davis

It’s great to finally see the d win it in the end. So many games over the last few years of having the lead only to watch our defense get torched for the final drive and lose! The Titian’s game in point!

Brian Wilson

AFC West is Ours! But that is NOT enough! Chiefs in Miami in February2020!

Courtney Lorello

The fans got hyped up about the equipment due to the opening statements made by the network. They made it so dramatic! I love how you guys don’t throw each other under the bus! Chiefs!!! ❤💛

Norman Castor

What about our defense? The wrecking crew!


if this year is not the year then when is it? Go Chiefs


Great win for the kingdom! But at some point the chiefs are going to have to put these other teams in checkmate. They really need to work on 4 min offense. It CONSISTENTLY happens where the chiefs have the lead and the ball with under 6 to go and they go 3 & out. That’s unacceptable for an offense with that many weapons and a skipper who’s known for putting together difficult offensive gameplans to defend against..

Orann Farnch

Game ball goes to the equipment managers they want on this

Sleuter McGavin

Puts Armani Watts in. Dude is a beast. We can’t afford to have Charvarious Ward at corner going into the playoffs. Bill was targeting him all game…

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