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JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

Just a sad Texans fan, nothing to see here 😭


Titan up!


Before the fans of these teams start Trash-talking each other can we all appreciate that neither of these two are the Patriots. It’s so refreshing not seeing them in the championship.

Rod Gossett

Henry remind me of “Jim Brown” in his NFL football prime for only 9 seasons.

Ian Stone

If Mahomes starts hot and makes this a track-meet-style game then the Titans have no chance
Go KC!

    Sean S.

    Tyler Reynolds WINLESS 🤪🤦🏻‍♂️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Keith Murrell

    Katanapwnzall watch the game in week 10 and see how mahomes moves around he was injured

    Zece Princess

    @Keith Murrell https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    Zece Princess

    @Sean S. https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    Zece Princess

    @dude dude https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

Antonio Robinson

If the chiefs score on their first 2 possessions I’m going 38-13 chiefs


If the titans win this gotta be one of the best Super Bowl runs in nfl history 👏

    Nick Johnson

    Patriots 12-4
    Ravens 14-2
    Chiefs 12-4
    All on the road

Ryan Steele Gray

Old Yoda: “They say the Titans make the Super bowl every 20 years”

    Sean S.

    Ryan Steele Gray they say the Chiefs make it every 50.
    Chiefs last SB? Was played January 11, 1970 😬🤫

    Hansfagerstrom Fagerstrom Gonzalez

    20 years are better than “never” !!

    Justin Mays

    And it’s been 20 years since Tennessee’s lone Super Bowl appearance too.

    Zece Princess

    @Justin Mays https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

19-Year Old Veteran

It’s easy to beat Baltimore because they don’t know how to overcome a deficit.

-Sad Ravens fan

    James Williams

    I thought you all were going to the superbowl? FOH

    -Z3us -

    James Williams I thought so too

    arfsnm dgn

    @-Z3us – https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    James Williams

    @-Z3us – I did not

John Farskhin

I like the titans on this one, but I can admit it could easily go either way and should be an amazing game!

Jerry Junior

Now THIS is a tough choice to pick, Chiefs or Titans? I mean MY goodness what does it take to be the ultimate road team and defeat the likes of the Patriots and Ravens meanwhile you have your next opponent who choked insanely weird in a whole quarter but immediately woke right back up and dropped 50+ points. In this matchup, Patrick Mahomes MUST be on the field longer than but I don’t think I trust this Chiefs squad after they literally gave up 24 points in just ONE whole quarter while you got receivers actually dropping passes on third downs, now I COULD be wrong and say the Titans will dominate but I must give KC credit for coming back, however they do NOT wanna end up like Baltimore and fall behind.

Titans 30
Cheifs 31

    Sir Mixalot

    Getting dominated in one quarter and dominating the next three is not luck. One quarter may be luck but three is out matching an opponent. This next game is gonna go back and forth and might be another OT AFCCG.


    Blackthorn 461 I know but I ain’t a chiefs fan tho lol I lived in TN my whole life.


    Sir Mixalot that’s what I’m talking about that one quarter was lucky but they dominated cause they took all momentum away from the Texans and Patty mahommes is OP. I don’t mean to take anything from KC effort

    arfsnm dgn

    @frosty https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY

    arfsnm dgn

    @Sir Mixalot https://youtu.be/qFuf5R0zznY


I’ll take the Chiefs with their “Legion Of Zoom”!!!

Nick Olczak

I don’t care who wins. I’ll be happy with either outcome. Love watching Mahomes and Henry play the game. I just hope it’s close.


Two teams that I enjoy watching with great fan bases, I don’t know who I want to win😬 can’t be mad on the outcome

Sam M

The King is about to come to The Kingdom. Prepare to grovel.
Titan Up
Roll Tide Roll

    American Sports Fan

    Alabama sucks

ian deleon

Even though I hate the titans beating the ravens, I just honestly hope they take it all the way they have worked hard for it

CEO of Dumb

I cannot wait to see it happen for the third time every write off the Titans only to have them “surprisingly upset” another team. It’s not surprising, it’s the norm. Get used to it.

Verified Approves

Time to Titan Up! Titans: 31 Chiefs: 24 Coaching staff keeps coming with the right game plan. Showtime Mahomes is a beast, but I have faith in everyone doing their part.


The chiefs finna do them dirty they too focused 🤦🏾‍♂️


If the chiefs and the Packers make the super bowl I’ll never hear the end of it

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