Ted Ginn Jr. Ready to Go Back to the Drawing Board | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ted Ginn Jr. Ready to Go Back to the Drawing Board | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. postgame locker room interview following a loss to the San Francisco 49ers in week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Sound Minded Reply

Defense sucked

    V coop Reply


    Shade InMoney Reply

    Idk why y’all trusted this defense anyways it’s always been iffy. The secondary

    Sound Minded Reply

    @Shade InMoney 49rs was trash too

jerry robinson Reply

We have a high powered offense but a Power wheel Defense..

Nawlinz Kid Reply

OUTCH!! This one still hurrts

Danny Arredondo Reply

This was a reality check for us boys. Not going to lie

    Shade InMoney Reply

    Maximilion Pegasus meaning we’ve allowed about basically 50 points is a reality check. This defense should never allow that again. 1 play, 75 yard Td. 2 play, 75 yard TD…

    Mr. McCann Reply

    @Shade InMoney A Lot Of Those TDs Shouldnt Have Been Scored. On That 75 Yard TD Marcus William’s Should Have Just Taken The Pass Interference Instead Of Allowing Him To Score A TD.

    Shade InMoney Reply

    Mr. McCann that deep throw to sanders was definitely offensive PI. Look at it. Sanders grabbed Williams and shoved him that’s why he fell.

DennisDom Reply

Damn dude! spit that chew out first!!! and what black guy chews tabbaccy?? I’ve never seen that before! I thought it was Puff puff pass!

    TyNicole Dudley Reply

    Looks like a grill

jordan sheahin Reply

Yo I understand the frustration losing a game like that yesterday but let’s all relax with the seasons over talk. If that’s your mindset rn then hop off the wagon this team will be in the playoffs and still has a great chance to get a bye. Idk about y’all but I’m not scared if we do have to go to SF or GB or even SEA because we have a team that can win anywhere I believe. We just dropped 46 on the best defense in the league and yes Ik it hurts to lose that same game but it’s the nfl. Rams lost to us last year and came back to NOLA later on and got the job done no matter what assistance they needed to do it. Keep the faith this season is far from over and I hope we see SF again either at their place or ours doesn’t matter

    Chris Morris Reply

    I feel the same way. Tbh I don’t really think the 9ers wanna see us again⚜️

    Mr. McCann Reply

    You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth. I Dont Know Why Everyone Is Acting Like The Season Is Over. Hell The Falcons Marched Into New Orleans And Didnt Allow The Saints To Score A TD, Then 3 Weeks Later The Saints Went To Atlanta And Took Their Soul. They Keep Saying The Saints Arent Good On The Road Because Previous Years But They Went On The Road And Beat Seattle Which Is Known As 1 Of The Loudest Stadiums To Play In. Even If The Saints Do Have To Travel To California Who Cares Because That Team Is Built For It Plus The Weather Is Always Nice In Cali.😎

joe momma Reply

Not one comment on those fake calls and all the help the 49ers got? How fake is football these days?

joe momma Reply

The refs made it clear the saints were not gonna win this one.

    solice8844 Reply

    joe momma
    Right. They called that false face mask penalty against the Saints with flags by 3 officials that led to the winning field goal. Such terrible rigging by the refs. Try again.

joe momma Reply

How many people still think the NFL games are real and not controlled by refs and Las Vegas? Vegas had the 49ers winning by 2. And they won
.by 2. Amazing

Asher Yisrael Reply

Stop dipping and catch the damn ball.

Leave a Reply: