Tanoh Kpassagnon Mic’d Up vs. Chargers ‘And we got that bye week’ | Kansas City Chiefs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

First. I’ve been a huge fan since the day I was born

    Tav the beast 15

    Same #chiefsnation


    Daniel Hernandez 32 If you were a real fan then u would be too

    Daniel Hernandez 32

    @BoltzyBoi just shut up bruh u sound like u 10 years old or sum


    U need to chillllll bro


I am a big fan

Jakob Wingard

Yooo who’s hyped for the playoffs


    Day-am what ’bout that Honey Badger!!! Can’t sit still

Drew Voyles

How about those chiefs!!!!!!

oofboi dude

Bye week boyss

Micah Hayes

I remember in 2006 when Chiefs had win their last gm plus 3 other teams had to win for them to get in the playoffs and it all happen so they got in. Sunday reminded me of that bc the odds and % were very low but it happen.


    I was very little when this happened but still remember

    Corey B

    I remember that vividly thinking we were destined for greatness and going against the colts who were the worst team vs the run. LJ did nothing, we benched Huard for Green and he was not right. That Colts game was terrible.


    Also remember the colts game. I was 7, I went and pouted and cried and said “I hate the chiefs.” Which is not too far off from what I’ve done after every crushing playoff loss since.

    Sayena A

    @DAB4 lmao. I felt that.

Cool TA

Honey Badger Don’t Care…

Herping Pennsylvania

My man has a motor

Tav the beast 15

Let’s gooooo chiefssssssssss!!!!!!

prod. robinhood


Jesus Adame

Kansas City chiefs for life!

Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack


your huckleberry

Ohhhhhh wah Ohhh waaa oowww

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