Kevin Stefanski Discusses Kirk Cousins Being Up For The Challenge, Identity of Saints Defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Kevin Stefanski Discusses Kirk Cousins Being Up For The Challenge, Identity of Saints Defense

On this week's "Vikings GamePlan," Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator Kevin Stefanski joined Paul Allen to discuss dealing with the loud atmosphere in New Orleans, the matchup between Kirk Cousins and the New Orleans Saints defense, what the offense missed without Dalvin Cook in recent weeks, the identity of the Saints defense, and more.

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Niko Halkis


Sidney Nchamukong



Already saw, liked, and commented on Facebook in record time as always.
Madden updates already. Damn.


It’s simple. If Kirk can’t accept the challenge then we’ll be going home with the L. Time to prove you’re worth $84million Kirk.


    MafiaboysWorld team sport. 8th highest paid QB. You can stop mentioning the money now. Tired old tropes and narratives never die when full blow retards are Vikings fans. “Uh durrrr me like cousins” one week later “uhh durrr me say we need new qb”

    Nick Diaz

    @Niko Halkis no sir, i live in reality. your probably a Kirk cousins fanboy.


    @BaronVonBielski Go look back through the season and see my stance hasn’t changed since the Saints LAST season, so for over a whole year I’ve said we made a mistake signing him for so much, he always chokes on Monday nights, he can’t handle pressure, etc.. He hasn’t made me a believer since then but this week can be his redemption.

    FakeUser NameTwo

    If you really watch the games. There were some games like the Seahawks game where he was the only one trying.

Skoldier Soup


Nick Diaz

Kevin is a pee wee football coach


    Nick Diaz is a Pee-wee kind of a fan!


    Can’t adapt..cousins is going to be on his back like a cheap crack ho…


    @dijin456 Put it down…

    …whatever the hell you are smoking!
    After the game. After!

Sam Iam

Lets put it this way. Kirk C. got paid $1 for games 1-16. he’s getting paid $83,999,000 from here on out (or 1/3 of it as it is a 3 yr contract).

Tee Moncrief

Yeah we got the weapons to win Kirk just got to make key plays to keep the drives alive Skol !!

Jack James

Leta go!! C’mon vikes!! Skol!! Nobody is counting on us but I know we got the skills and pieces set for victory. Zim’s defense and Dalvin? Or even the duo that is diggs and theilen? And our defense on thomas/brees combo. Yes, I’ll take the vikings everytime.

    Maureen Howat

    1987 revisited.

ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛


Why is PA talking about without cook I thought cook is healthy and playing on Sunday?


Going to get it handed to us…3 to 5 yrs to rebuild..I’ll be 70 yrs old..I’ll die before we see a superbowl..thx.alot


Fire Zimmer and promote Stefanski

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