Talkin’ Cowboys: Concerned About Dak? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: Concerned About Dak? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With Dak Prescott dealing with shoulder and hand injuries this week, is there any concern with Sunday’s showdown against Philly up next? The crew provides updates.

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Jayden Suarez


PrimeTime 21

Play like we did last game we will be all good

Cali Smooth

Oh now everyone so concerned and care about Dak.. smh now you know we want win without him ..

Grayson Talbott


Jammal Williams

Quin should have made it” so is Coop” in Collins” Dak is a no Brainer’ Rodgers is a joke” Jones ” is not Better than Amari” ATL is Garbage” Jullio should not be ahead of Cooop..

Jammal Williams

How n’ the hell ” Ravens got 12″ Pro- Bowlers .

    Cali Smooth

    Jammal Williams pro bowl a joke

    Jammal Williams

    @Cali Smooth yes Bro” it is.. Don’t matter play- offs r more importantly” let’s go Cowboys nation” finish what we started. ” Beat them Eagles.. Enough said.

Saad Syed

Can we get a Malcolm Smith interview?

    Weirdo Will

    I think he would be a cowboy just fine.

Jammal Williams

I’m a Die hard Cowboys Fan” Goin back to Doug Cosby” our TEnds’ made a difference in winning” Jay was great” Troy always find him on crucial plays” Luv witten’ but Jarwin can be a game changer” you got to get him involve early in the Game plan” Let’s go Cowboys” Beat them Eagles..

m Ì k É.! 1

Well what if Daks cowboys lose Sunday?

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