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Jayden Suarez

Too me the cowboys are the best

Pedro Melendez

STAR Wars… c’mon that is obviously the best series.

    Justin Moore

    Uh no..

    Caleb Dempster

    until recently they sh@t themselves

Tyson Banks

I agree with Tiny jim

Matt #19

Im number 98

Jammal Williams

How can lead the League and passing Yds- top 5 in TDS+ rushing TDS, behind Lamar+ Completion, and Also QbR, and not make it to Pro- Bowl, it’s a joke’ Amari- got snub to, so did Quin+ Collins. one word Motivation, now it’s time for Cowboys to Whipp Azz..

Justin Moore

Of course they were snubbed. Dude gave reasons on why Dak and Amari didn’t make it and then turned around and gave the exact same reasons why the rest did, contradicting himself. 🤔😂😂😂

Jammal Williams

Return of Jedi is the best..

B Henderson

Quinn Law and Woods/Collins !!!!!

Woods was an absolute monster vs Rams!

    Langston Lewis

    B Henderson no Sean lee and Jaylon Smith were beast against the rams if we beat the eagles we win the divisions


    Who’s Woods?

    Saad Syed

    HemmHon bruh

    B Henderson

    Antwaun Woods is #99
    DT Cowboys

B Henderson

Philly …. Boo birds will fly early


Just here to let yall know Dave still a little troll and needs a new job. Alrighty yall have a good week.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Cowboy players getting snubbed for the pro bowl is exactly what was needed. We’re a 500 team, nobody deserves accolades for that. Hopefully they get angry and play like they have something to prove going forward, no time to collect press clippings.

Bill Bates


Chuey Ink

Make Right Tackles Great Again!!!!


That’s if Dak plays, it’s not looking good right now due to this MRI he’s had. And I’ll name other movie franchises that are better than Star Wars…Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Godfather, The Matrix, The Conjuring, Spiderman, Avengers, X-Men


Carson Wentz has a ton of pressure, he signed a $100 million contract guaranteed, and needs to live up to it. To this point, he has not.


LOL..Philly can’t stop a nosebleed!!

ILL eagle Alien

!$!Goo Dallas CowboyS!$!$!
!$!Forget the probowl!$!
!$!get that $Superbowl$!

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