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De Von

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

Def Promise

Let’s go Boys

nba jay

I love the Cowboys


As a packers fan this was a good move dont listen to the haters

    Dewayne Boswell

    @Henry Hill He actually wants to keep Moore as OC. If he drops the ball, then McCarty is smart enough to step in and adjust. He is a hard nosed coach who demands respect ,fear and wont stand by and just clap his hands. I believe he will bring in the mentality needed, a sense of urgency ALL the time, if you will. I am excited as you are, especially knowing that the man has the ability to make Dak better.

    Henry Hill

    @Dewayne Boswell if mike wants him. I trust mike.

    Anthony Brown

    @Ray Clark So says Aaron Rogers. Not buying this guy can’t coach bc of one idiotic deva player. McCarthys a darn good coach. Cowboy Nation should be HAPPY.

    John Crabtree

    Anyone is better than Garrett at least McCarthy gets involved in the game and holds players accountable. Garrett just stood on the sidelines clapping and spitting with all that gear on and doing nothing. Now if we could just get rid of jerry maybe the cowboys can get back to winning

    Henry Hill

    @John Crabtree excactly

Ray Thompson

Every time I hear Jimmy Johnson say how about them Cowboys it gives me goosebumps

    Eric Jefferson

    Ray Thompson well something is terribly wrong with you and you might be an idolatrous person? How another man you don’t know can give you goosebumps is suspect af dude. I like the Cowboys but they’re not sending me 1 check so I don’t fantasize over them or anything. Like is more better when you keep things in true perspective. If Jimmy Johnson gave me $100,000 I’d probably get goosebumps then, then 2 days later I’d be right back to normal. I know 4 former players and they’ve helped me adopt this attitude of not looking like I worship the Dallas Cowboys.

    Ray Clark

    @Eric Jefferson LOL Nailed it! Lots of these fans think they’re getting a check from the cowboys


    @Eric Jefferson Sports give emotions, fake alpha male.

    Ray Clark

    @jarjon76 Naw, fake alpha males give themselves a thumbs up


    Eric Jefferson Well said you save my from commenting !👍🏼 But maybe Ray is only a 4 year old 😏

Mystery Man

Great Coach…Good Luck Coach” … May he take Dem Boys to the big stage and satisfy all thirsty Cowboy fans. Give us a recent playoff and championship to fill our hearts and minds.

Eddie Blanks

Awesome hire for the Dallas cowboys. ✊🏾


Mickey wrong again….the Redskins were first to hire coach not us.

    Bradley Rauscher

    Mickey is an idiot, how is Jason G not responsible for the 25 year drought?

Henry Hill

Thank the living Lord Rod is gone with that b.s Tampa 2 and him drafting taco and hill. And Kris can’t go too. Byron Jones not 1 pick all year and chido got worse . To me Kris is all talk and can see why Seattle fired him.

    Ray Clark

    Careful now. Cowboy fans can’t handle the truth


Jerry, Mickey and Garrett had a love triangle going on. That why it was hard for Jerry to let Garrett go!

    Ray Clark

    More like Garrett and Mickey getting (were) paychecks from Jerry! If you’re negative, you end up like Broaddus

John Crabtree

Make sean Lee your lb coach and draft a big dt and resign byron jones

    Ray Clark

    Agreed on Sean Lee but that will be up to McCarthy now. At least we’ll get to see how fast McCarthy turns into a yes man if Jerry says hire Sean Lee as LB coach. Cowboys have needed a big run stopper DL in the middle forever. I’ll be happy if McCarthy can get that fact through Jerry’s fat head


It’s gonna be real interesting to see if McCarthy lives up to the hype

    Rich Muttsmusic

    Asmodeus what hype. People are saying he is stale and outdated


    Rich Muttsmusic people are also saying he’s amazing just because he has a Super Bowl ring and his resume looks good

Reuben James

Jerry got a different coach to take the blame for his poor coaching lol 😂

    James Molen


    James Gary

    No comment😒

Charles Lynch

This is The Best Move for The Dallas Cowboys!!

Jaguar Warrior

Feed us! We stay hungry and Coach McCarthy looks determined to be successful. Plus he has a SuperBowl win under his belt, McCarthy brings positive change and fits the role perfect.

    mateo lopez

    Jaguar Warrior I agree 150%


They ran by Everson’s token Rooney Rule comment like he didn’t even make it. First time I’ve ever seen the Cat Get Mickeys Tongue! The Rooney Rule is a JOKE, they keep recycling the same ole coaches. The nepotism is incredible.

Gary Blount

Love the replacement of Emerson on the show, but i miss Broadus and Mickey goin at it, Mickey is so much more relaxed with Mr. Walls


Well there’s one thing for sure… Mike McCarthy knows how to win at AT&T Stadium 😕😕…. good hire.. #GoCowboys

Lucca Brozzi

I’m proud of Jerry for making this hire. I did t think he would do it. Let’s go Cowboys! 😃

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