NFL Divisional Round: Best QB matchup, Titans vs. Ravens | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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NFL Divisional Round: Best QB matchup, Titans vs. Ravens | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Chris Simms uses Monday's speed round to look ahead to the best matchups in next weekend's Divisional Round. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #NFL #TennesseeTitans #BaltimoreRavens
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'Chris Simms Unbuttoned' features in-depth Xs and Os NFL analysis; one-on-one interviews with players, coaches, executives, and draft prospects; game recaps and previews; gambling segments; extensive player analysis leading into the NFL Draft; and much more.

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NFL Divisional Round: Best QB matchup, Titans vs. Ravens | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Ron Jones

He’s not wrong about all the beef Baltimore has.


    Ron Jones lmao that was some of the funniest ish I ever heard. “They got More asscheeks and thighs on that defense than any other defense in football”🤣😂☠️

Karl Young


    R Go

    Karl Young CHIEFS

    R Go

    Lamar won’t beat Tannahill

    E B

    @R Go Won’t beat Tannehill? LMFAO!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    @R Go lmao what drugs are you on dude

    Toby shaddoxk

    R Go don’t be a clown

O.G RayJack

Cheeks huh Chris? Lol we are stout. B- more

    Will Hunter

    O.G RayJack 😂😂😂 big mike and big baby


    He wasn’t wrong lmao. Peko, BWill and pierce block out the sun.

Jack YouUp

Go Titans!

    D Baus

    Jack YouUp I hope Henry controls the clock. Keep the Ravens O off the field.

    Jay Boogie

    They still won’t win… GO RAVENS

Bright Burn

why chris shoes look so big

    Samurai Chack

    I thought the same thing. Like clown shoes.

    KSU 1989

    He’s like 6′-5″ tall


    like the Jimmy guy on Seinfeld

Big LT

Chris Simmis 🔥🔥🔥

Just A Black Atheist

Ravens fock!

Travis Stoudt

Don’t take the Titans lightly Ravens

    Jay Wilson

    So the Titans ran all over the Patriots but what did the ravens do. Defense for Baltimore went threw how many offense teams with MVP so called quarterback’s or running backs and shut down that team. But hey you beat the Patriots by what not counting the pick 6 at the end


    Titans ain’t no joke

    Nons ツ

    Travis Stoudt we ain’t, but don’t be surprised if it’s not a close game

    Tennessee Titans

    Nons ツ lol it is gonna be a close game y’all ain’t blowing us out no team in the nfl is blowing us out 😂 we can beat anyone


No pass interference in the playoffs I love it stop being soft

    rich .O

    lol am sure u will be pissed if it happened against your team.


    I played football Sun part of game


    No crying in Football

Bull Force Trading

Didn’t Lamar beat wattson?

    HTX 713

    Yes your right but you have to remember they were coming out of a bye week and it seemed like the coach didnt have the players football ready and honestly I think it was that and got heavily outcoached

    Sean Carney

    Didn’t mahomes beat lamar?

    La’ Garv

    Sean Carney he did, back in week 3

    Nightmare Kilo

    Sean Carney I didn’t know mahomes played defense

    Bull Force Trading

    @Nightmare Kilo I surely thought Mahomes plays “against” defenses unless I am mistaken.

Chosen one

Lamar Jackson vs Derrick Henry

    Nate Franklin

    Derick henery bye himself though and cant throw the ball immediate dis advantage😭😭

    joseph joseph

    @Nate Franklin Derrick has more talent around him. But you can definitely argure Lamar’s talent matters more

Vanessa Awada

I’m so excited to watch the playoffs this weekend

Edwin Henry

Chris Sims is hilarious but usually spot on!

Soulo Dolo

3:32 uh thanks….I guess

    phlexxlugerr 1

    Soulo Dolo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Soulo Dolo

Everyone else:…..ravens have a good core and group of guys that the titans are going to have to look out for


Jeremy Thompson

The only chance the Titans have of winning this game is if Derrick Henry has another game like he did against the Patriots the other night. If the Titans can’t run the ball and control the clock than they are done. The less time Lamar Jackson is on the field the better off the Titans are. I’m a Bills fan but now that they got shafted by the refs the other night I’ll be rooting for the Ravens to win the AFC. Theyve always been my favorite team other than Buffalo ever since the beating they put on the New Jersey Giants in Super Bowl 35. Id like to see the Vikings win the NFC but I doubt that will happen. Probably be a Ravens-49ers rematch in the Super Bowl. That’ll be a good one


BIG TRUSS let’s get it Ravens!

Cashflow Mankavelli

Titans fans you can’t beat a whole team with one guy 😂😂🚮

    Kevin Wall

    Lol I’ve been telling people that! They beat a struggling Patriots team, now everyone on the Titans bandwagon smh

    Teddy Love

    We going see chump

ALFredo C

Titans over Ravens 21-17. Shock the World Cheatriot Killers.

Clive Pinnock

Now Simms got me checking cheeks on Saturday.

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