Tahir Whitehead Reacts to Walter Payton Man of the Year Nomination | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Steven Avila

Big 59 needs help at LB

Anthony Benedetti

Well deserved!

Jordan Marley

If only he can cover TE’s and RB’s. Great guy, great player. Just missing the IT factor and coverage skills.

la tulipe noire

Props Tahir doing the real GOAT work!

Dick Manitoba

Too many ridiculous, frivolous awards. The only one that truly matters is the Lombardi Trophy. Everything else is just a handjob.

    Ser Winzzalot

    Jeez…that analogy tho

    Dick Manitoba

    Ser Winzzalot it’s the truth. Most of these professional athlete and celebrity awards are just an opportunity to jerk each other off and pat themselves on the back.

Joshua scott

How is he man of the year when he cant cover

Ser Winzzalot

We need burfict and abram badly…thing is our defense shouldnt have to rely so much on one or two players


Class act, all the way.

Jordan Marley

You always know which question is from Scott Bair from his shaky voice. 🤣

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