Fred Biletnikoff Describes His Raiders Journey & Playing at the Coliseum | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Fred Biletnikoff Describes His Raiders Journey & Playing at the Coliseum | Raiders

Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff sits down with Nicole Zaloumis to discuss his journey with the Silver and Black, playing at the Coliseum, his time as the Raiders wide receivers coach, and more.

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Keith Richard

Raider icon!

bruh moment

25 was one of the best to do it RNFL

Carbage Man

OMG, Freddy looks great!

bill hawk

A true winning Raider know this losing for years hurts greats like Freddie!


My first ever game, saw you play at the Coliseum against Cleveland 16 Nov 1975. Who knew I was watching a game loaded with future HoF’ers (and still waiting on Cliff to get in).


    Wow that’s awesome you experienced that. 37 year old Raider fan from Texas here. I’m very sad for the fans in Oakland that they are moving. It upsets me Al didn’t make a better effort to at least keep the team in California. The real estate there in the 80s was dirt cheap compared to now. I loved what Al did but hated what he did or didn’t do more. I guess I’m bitter about the move more than I am the mediocrity or worse in the past 17 years.


    @jpratx You would have loved our 70s team they were loaded top to bottom, and flat out beasts. (We’re the only team to have 3 college award’s named after players from those years, Hendricks, Biletnikoff & Guy.) From the late 80s until the early 2000s we just couldn’t win which was painful to watch. Leaving Oakland for L.A. was gut wrenching, but after several years they came back home. Now they will be gone for good, and and sadly an era will come to an end this Sunday.


    @Top I would’ve loved to have seen those games. I’ve seen as much footage of the old days as I possibly could from the glory years. Cliff Branch was my favorite. Seeing Fred here reminisce about the days of old and the guys he coached was a real treat. I fulfilled my dream and got to go to an Oakland game in 2012. Made the trip by myself and stayed in San Fran. During that time I fell in love with the bay area. I’m from Austin by the way but actually from here…not an import lol. I got to work in Milpitas for a month in 2013 but didn’t get to catch a game. We lost the game I went to but I’ll never forget the experience. There’s an interview with Charles Woodson you can find similar to this one also that was recently posted. I didn’t even want the team moving to San Antonio. To me this is like the Steelers leaving Pittsburgh…it’s part of the character of that area and town. I’ll make some games to Vegas but I’ll be sure to note I was a fan before they moved there. I became a fan because of Bo…he was THE GUY when I was a kid and I loved the silver and black. I came to learn about the history of the team and fell in love. And although I became a fan when the team was in LA my heart with them is in Oakland. This upcoming game will be sad for me and I can only imagine how much for you. This goes beyond the game itself…people and families coming together. It was part of the culture of Oakland. I’m not an Athletics fan but will make it to a game someday and will be wearing my Raiders hat and Rickey Henderson jersey. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


    @jpratx The best part of the game back than was they let the player’s play. Snake wearing a smiley face sticker on his helmet, the defense wearing what were basically casts on their arms, clubbing opposing teams like baby seals. When the NFL became a business, and started regulating everything the players/coaches do and wear, it truly became the no fun league. They even had to get the owners to vote to let the players celebrate after touchdowns? The greedy NFL can’t help itself, it is killing football one stupid rule at a time and they cannot substain building multi-billion stadiums for much longer on the taxpayers dime. Oh well I still love my Raider’s, and how they treat the old Raider’s as family forever.


Love it!

Watts Raider

Freddie B!!!!!

BUM Productions

One of the best

Bearded Gunny

The man

Daniel Young

I used to deliver his newspaper when I was 9, didn’t know who he was till I got older and started to play sports!


Just think, if Oakland elected in different public officials, a deal could have been made to keep them and the warriors and sooner or later the A’s. It’s so sad!


    Very sad. And I’m mad at Al for not making it happen…he could’ve. And real estate was way cheaper in Cali then than it is now. At least something to keep the team in Cali. And I’m a fan from Texas.

john villalobos

I remember seeing Fred running around Valley Center getting ready for football season

Ser Winzzalot

Is Nicole gonna be with us in Vegas? She represents us so well. Cant lose her.

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