Stefon Diggs Talks Deep-Ball Success, Playing Without Adam Thielen | Under Center with Kirk Cousins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Stefon Diggs Talks Deep-Ball Success, Playing Without Adam Thielen | Under Center with Kirk Cousins

On this edition of Under Center with Kirk Cousins, Kirk is joined by Minnesota Vikings WR Stefon Diggs. Listen to the show via this link or on all popular podcast platforms by searching for 'Kirk Cousins' or 'Minnesota Vikings Podcast Network.'

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Joshua DuBois

You’re my favorite players

SSM Creations

Diggs may have stepped up big, but give bisi some credit. That 7th round pick was thrown into an impossible situation and came through in the end. It’s hard to replace thielen, but I think he held his own.

Trevick Johnson

We need a big game from you digsy…to beat the Saints we need kirk thi throw at least 27
Times and complete the deep ball and convert third downs!! If we can do that our defense will hold then to under 28 points…28-25 Vikings


    Delusional post. As though you have forgotten we’re GOING TO NOLA


    No way we gonna be able to keep them to 25. If cousins and cook can’t play well and score 42 or more, we won’t win.

hothand 132

you know if diggs hit kirk in stride, that might have been a top 100 play


    Amazing how inches one way or the other define greatness.


    @Garrett ain’t that the truth? Your girl agrees


    @Ntimidation bahahahahahahahaha


Keep up the good work Kirk. SKOL


Let’s go boys.


I wish it was longer

    Not Even Wrong



    Octopus that’s what she said


    @SKOL NATION I am sure they say that a lot to you.

CJ Smith

still won’t let him date my sister

    XD Productions

    96 Questions lives on in all of us.

Lawrence Daniels

This is some good stuff! Behind the scenes with Diggs and Cousins! From different parts of the country, creating a bond! I hope these guys stay together for a while, I hope Theilen hamstring is good-to-go!

Brandt Jones

Devante parker was taken in front of him to

Patrick Carroll

We gotta work hard and smart, boys. This ain’t gonna be easy. But we can do it.

Lightskin Oso

Travone Diggs will fall to the Vikings and replace Xavier! Speak it into existence #skol



Chris Daniels

some of those deep balls were beautiful. the ones where the receiver is running and then his head pops up one time at the exact right time. doesn’t look like the ball is tracked it just looks perfect.

Jesse Smith

When no one is open, find a lane and run the ball. Defenses have problems with mobile qbs.

maverick lewis

The background setting looks too dark. 🙂

maverick lewis

The odds of Stefon Diggs not getting to carry the ball is zero; he seems to have his number called at least once on a running play.

Newlvlups No

Vikings gotta run more screens with Diggs and get the ball in his hands dudes elusive!

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

Come on Stefanski, open up the playbook and work on the red zone play calling. It’s been struggling for quite a few weeks now. Too many FGs instead of TDs.

jamison allen

Dude’s well spoken! Glad he doesn’t seem to have that AB attitude…


Who else thinks this team has the ability to be a dark horse playoff team? I know they can be if the d line can dominate. Que switchfoots “dark horses” track, SKOL!!!

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