Steelers lose to Bills in Week 15 – “This season, getting to the playoffs should not be expected” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers lose to Bills in Week 15 – “This season, getting to the playoffs should not be expected”

Matt Williamson, Craig Wolfley, Bob Labriola and Missi Matthews talk about the Steelers' loss to the Bills on Sunday, where there is room for improvement and go into the time capsule to see how predictions turned out.

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Zechariah Barajas

I have no doubt we can win the next two games. 🖤💛

    Zach Egger

    Yeah because when we play the ravens lamar jackson probably won’t be playing


    @Zach Egger watch RG3 light us up cuz there ain’t no tape on him but from years ago


It’s ok if loss to bufflo

Zach Pisciotta

Good lord randy what the hell happened last night?? I get getting duck involved but that’s kind of why we had 4 interceptions. Defense once again the only shining hopes

    Tony H

    Look what happens when the D doesn’t get a splash scoring play. Offense is trash.

    P C

    They abandoned the run.

    Jesse LeBlanc

    How did this team get away from the run don’t get me wrong I like to give Duck some freedom but it looked like 50/50 run and pass would have worked well as Connor was looking ok early on

Mango Masher

Thank god the titans lost

Bethel Kebede

Change the Caption. Jesus god I Thought u guys were giving up on the Season with that 😭

Dane Bednar

We’re still gonna make it we just have to heat the jets and the saints have to beat the titans that should be easy


    Hello members of STEELER NATION.  Since week 3 every steelers fan knew how this season was going to go.  Its the trade for Fitzpatrick that changed the dynamic.  All of a sudden it became a race to screw Miami out of a top pick.  So far the steelers have overachieved and if they finish with a winning record , even with no playoff berth,  our team has done us proud as fans and we have an excellent setup for a serious run going into 2020.


    @cofside i agree but how long until ben is done? I would be really thinking about drafting a qb soon. ben has took a beating over his long career. I would hope he has another 2 yrs in him but he has hinted to retirement in the past. Hopefully this great squad makes him want to get back out there asap.

    Jeremy Thompson

    Wouldnt sleep on the Jets either. They can be tough at home sometimes and they have nothing to play for. Anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday. Atlanta proved that against the 49ers on Sunday


    @Michael Orozco Not if we Beat Baltimore as well. If the Steelers and Titans both win out the Steelers are in. If the Steelers lose one and the Titans beat the Texans they’re in even if they lose to the Saints.


    @Dane Bednar You’re wrong on that


It absolutely is expected.

    Anthony C.

    Yessir. If you in Pittsburgh, you make playoffs. That’s the standard. #steelernation

Ben Götze

Stop jinxing. Playoffs are still possible. They do the best they can every week. two more games and after that we can talk.

Lazer Rocket


    call of duty ruined my life

    ikr idk what tomlin was thunking letting duck throw that much. He was pressured all night long and when we ran the ball we did well. Our defense was top tier against the bills. We proved our defense is top 3 in the league

    P C

    Both completely correct. Buffalo pass D is a whole different animal than their suspect run D.
    Conner wouldve outgained Singletary if they let him


Yes hodges is an undrafted rookie,
Yes he made mistakes,
But there were other players who made mistakes too, by fumbling the ball, dropping passes, come on now lets not put all the blame on poor old duck, let’s be real.


    Spygate has entered the chat LMAO, Bills winning their division though! And funny when both Steelers and Pats enter playoffs as wildcard teams? One cheated like always the other had to overcome series of offensive replacements all year

    Boulder Boy

    P C completely agree man. Sometimes I just wanna kick the field goal on first down lmao


    The play calling was the number 1 issue. They didn’t run the ball enough


    @In CogNito dont get excited. Yall aint making it to the bowl either🤣. bmore will be there… as much as it pains me to say that.

bruh momento

It would be a miracle of we beat Baltimore but maybe not because they wont have their best players out on the last day of the preseason and we will

Keaton Burson

I didn’t understand Randys play calls in this one.

    James Jones

    Keaton Burson those calls should be on unsolved mysteries

    Keaton Burson

    @James Jones good one lol

    Jonathan Honda

    Fincher is frustrating for sure. But don’t forget that with Ben last year, Steelers has the #1 redzone offense. I’ll give finch one more season next year in 20 with Ben before I pass judgment.

    Keaton Burson

    @Jonathan Honda Ben calls a lot of plays. Not to mention we had AB, JuJu and a HOF QB. A real OC would adjust and play to our strengths. 38 pass attempts? Throwing on 1st and ten on the 50 in the 4th quarter with the lead. (Pick). Running the wildcat inside the 10 with James connor. Dressing 5 RBs and running 15 times. He acted like he had Ben out there not duck. Play calls like they were trailing by 3 tds. Abandoned the run early. defense knows exactly what we’re doing throwing out of the same packages running out of the same packages, you have to mix them up and keep them guessing it’s the professional level of football. He’s inept. If ben wants him thats fine. He needs to go after.

    Rdon 357

    @Keaton Burson the oc is a low iq southern hillbilly.. Thats high school level competent

call of duty ruined my life

we played great against the bills imo. IT came down to that one great drive by the bills that we simply got outcoached by. Duck is an undrafted free agent rookie going against the best defense in the league. The last two INTs were him trying to make plays in a tough situation. but our defense was lights out besides that one huge pass play by the bills.


    @call of duty ruined my life ima troll you now haha


ok lets start with the bills being this great team they know they could easily have lost the steelers had multiple opportunities to have racked up alot more points than the bills were next dont blame duck what about the horrific punts that put the bills in in scoreing position and that stupid call on 4th down wildcat that failed you dont put duck in that spot with just the little experience he has thats overcomplicating the moment remember this team could easily be 13 and 1 right now exception of week 1 we had many ops to win those and noone has blown us out except wk 1 so dont give us a hole any deeper than it is we can do this il say it again we play football in steel city7 it dont take rocket science to move that ball 10 yards within 3 plays and hold on to the ball its that simple were gona learn from this game and move foreward thats all oh im very proud of this team and to be a lifelong steeler thank you

    Jack Colon

    Tomlin can not say “duck hasn’t killed us” any more. The arc on the ball was too much, no arm strength…. cannot make many of the throws that Mason can. Until this game he be was making better decisions with the ball…now? Rudolph plays well at times but so does Hodges….this sucks…

    Anthony C.

    Jack Colon it was one bad game. Give him a break, it was also his first pressure situation. He will be fine

    Anthony C.

    Pittsburghwill, THANK YOU!!!! I have been saying this forever (and it’s annoying to keep typing it) and all anyone does is laugh and say I’m crazy, but I’m not. What you said is 100 percent TRUE. #STEELERNATION #SUPERBOWL (cause why not 😁)

    Anthony C.

    I will say we need to get rid of Randy next season, he’s making bad play calls

    Jack Colon

    @Anthony C. Not overly critical of Hodges, just my observations. I like 🦆, great story… personable it would seem . I’m hopeful, as well as realistic. 😎


Bills DLine took Steelers OLine to the woodshed period

    In CogNito


    Matt Edwards


    Rdon 357

    Foster has to go.go.go

Brian Erney

Not too happy Steelers lost Steelers needs stay alive needs victory can wait face off new york jets hopefully Steelers win

Ryan Maliek

The Bills tried to give us this game over and over again. They were handing it to them on a silver platter, but we screamed NOOOOOO, YOU TAKE THE WIN, WE DONT WANT IT, over and over and over. Typical important game collapse against a team that we should have beaten.

Keith Dawson

Wofley is the only one who sees it right. Duck had Washington (2nd yr), Johnson (rookie) and the other 3 guys are practice squad guys at receiver. Connor just came back and they didn’t stay committed to the run. Labriola and the other guy were just riding Duck’s coattails last week. You guys are too wishy washy for me. He had his first bad game and you guys are jumping ship, smdh.


    You’re right. I was disappointed they stopped running the ball. They should’ve stuck with it. James Conner was in good rhythm and I don’t know why they choose to pass more. Bad play calling.


    I agree.


    @Alienbaby1979 i was thinking they weren’t trying to beat up Conner first full game back but snell could have mixed it up on more runs.

Tim !

Release the punter when this season is over…two games back to back screw ups!

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