EMOTIONAL Sights & Sounds from Eli Manning’s Salute in MetLife Stadium | Giants vs. Dolphins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Miguel Becerra

Let’s go Giants thank you Eli your are a true champion!!

    Anna D


Mr. 2008

Eli you are a legend future HOF

    Tre Williams

    Mr. 2008 Yes He is totally agree ❤️❤️❤️💯🙏

    Antoine Moseley

    Mr. 2008 he is a future HOF , Stephen A Smith is stupid for saying she doesn’t deserve it lmao ..like wtf …the patriots TWICE

Noah Ehlers

We’ve been through a lot Eli… 2 Super Bowl wins…. many playoff games…. but what I’ve loved most about this journey…….

That you’ve given us giants fans the time of our lives. You’ll always be our starting QB Eli

Tre Williams

This Proves that Eli Manning still Got it ❤️❤️💯🙏

    Hotshot 14380

    I mean, he threw 3 picks lol. No offense I’m still an Eli guy for life, love him to death but you can’t deny he was pretty rusty, but his players played their asses off for him.

    Patrick Booth

    Tre Williams he threw 3 picks and self sacked. I love Eli and he is a hall of famer. But his time as a giant is over. It’s time for Daniel Jones to take over

    Nico Laguzzi

    Patrick Booth I don’t want Daniel
    Jones lol


    @Nico Laguzzi what’s wrong with DJ?


Thank you, Eli. It sucks a good majority of your prime was wasted but at least we have memories of those two Superbowl runs. It’s more than what most fans of other teams have if you think about it.

NoRes Jakey

Man i was there when watching when the won the secound super bowl everyone was happy thats a day i i will always remember

Daniel Silecchia

We’ll be ok Eli don’t worry, you can rest now. We love you.

NY. Editz_99

I’m not crying ur crying 😭

    D MAN


    Noah Lewis

    Someone copied you


Im not a Giants fan but Eli is my favorite QB ever, there is no one I would rather have in clutch moments than him. Respect for the future HOFmer.

    Optimum FN

    eoe123321 ❤️

    Gil Soto, jr

    What’s your team?

Artic Fuser

I have lived my whole life with Eli as quarterback. He will always be the starter in my eyes. Daniel Jones is turning out good, but no one can live up to Eli. Not Brady, not Newton, not even Montana. Eli will always be a legend, from a family of legends, turning out to be probably the biggest legend of them all. To live up to the expectations of Peyton AND Archie, he still blew people away with his talent. I hope that one day we will get Cooper’s son, and that he will live up to his uncle’s legacy. Only then will there be another starting quarterback in my eyes other than Eli. I do not hope for Eli to become a HOF. That is only because I KNOW that he will be in there one day, and I cannot express how much I want to see that day to come.

Eddie Hart

Im gonna miss eli I don’t want to say goodbye

    Anna D


    Quay Tgang

    Let’s hope he resigns. The new coach might want him. If Daniel doesn’t want to sit and learn from a hall of famer than we can trade him

Flymoolah man 27

Shurmur just gives me sour thoughts, can’t wait for him to be gone, good job Eli 💙

tony Chipelo

All management had to do was put the right players around him and this guy definitely and easily could have played another 3years without a problem but year after year ownership made horrible decisions and Eli paid the price and took all the criticism for their stupity im not saying this because of this game I’m saying this because it’s the truth period

    Edward Fights

    Too many big hits did him in.

Jay Hood

I’ve been a giants fan for about 33 years.. I wanted Eli gone a few years ago and I don’t think I was the one one who felt this way.. wasn’t really feeling the Daniel Jones pick but I think he has the potential to be a very good qb. I work for Amazon and I work Sunday’s. It sucks that I didn’t get to see Eli’s last game BUT you cant deny no matter how you feel about him.. Class Act since day 1. Best Giants Qb in my book next to Simms. Thank you 10.. Thank you Eli.


Eli’s been the starting quarterback since before I was born. Grew up my whole life watching him. Nobody couldove done better in New York than him. Thanks for the Super Bowls, and being a great role model for me. Future HOF

    Chris A

    Yep, I remember “04 his first season when Eli was the rookie replacing Kurt Warner. A good Giants era. We’ve been lucky to have a Phil Simms, and a Eli Manning!


Danny Dimes has some BIG SHOES TO FILL.

    Dallas Dee Jordan

    He Will never be Eli

    Jake Pappalardo

    @Dallas Dee Jordan very true brother

Quincy Mack

Eli Manning was my hero and still is he will always be the best QB in my heart

    Anna D


    Quay Tgang

    He is the greatest football player of all time. My mom told me that way back in the day and I’ve always known that even tho ppl like to crap on Eli. Even tho he is the best he has the most haters. It’s weird . Probably people are pissed because in 2004 he refused to play for the team he was drafted by and demanded to play for the giants

Mr N

Eli, thank you! if that moron of a coach had not benched you for Gino the streak would still be alive! Been long time Gman, and you did it right!


Stfu Pat. Eli knows a hell of a lot more football than Pat Shurmur could ever dream of.

    Jake Pappalardo

    Facts brother

mr fishing

Danny already missing starts eli would be out there hobbled regardless always has. the keys are yours now danny please buckle up and give the next generation the role model eli was for us. Let’s go big blue

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