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Aiden Zermeno



I miss leveon and shazier and Antonio and you can’t forget about B.B.B


    Drizzzyy who is B.B.B


    I GOT ICE IN MY VANES | Big Ben Roethlesburger



    Ken Cranston



Still arguably the best GM in the league. Glad we extended his contract but wish it was longer


    ThaRealest616 a short term extension means he has to work hard for his job and not be complacent


Ask Tuitt to restructure his deal

    CJ Allen

    Kind of like that idea!

    JB Batulis

    Try and trade on or around draft day….Or yes restructure definitely

sactown steelers

You had two bad picks Burns and Rudolph


    Every team misses on picks. When was the last time New England hit on a WR in the draft? Colbert hits on picks way more than he misses.

sactown steelers

I dont see where you think this scrub Rudolph fits. I think Rooney is making a mistake extending you bcos you must be slippin or your getting old. Being comfortable with Rudolph bcos Rudoloh didnt go 5 -3 he won the games with the 2 worst teams in the Nfl and the defense won 2 gsmes cos Rudolph couldn’t do squat. That’s like keeping landry jones for 5 years but if Ben gets hurt and we have to depend on the last qb. Taken in the draft. 3rd rounder your going to have a lot of pissed off steelers fans we want Rudolph gone no body likes him im thinking of taking vicks #2 jersey that this sorry scrub is now wearing:and x out the number and xrudolohs name

    Sumswag Gaming

    @sactown steelers youre shallow

    Guillermo Ruelas

    Colbert is done he isn’t th GM he once was time for new blood


    @Guillermo Ruelas TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, James Washington, Juju, Diontae Johnson, Bush, Cam Heyward and Tuitt are not good or quality Steelers?

    Brighton Barnes

    Gaga4Parma was Colbert the GM when Antonio brown was picked?


    @Brighton Barnes Yes. He’s been at the helm since 2000. He brought in the likes of Randle El, Big Ben, Parker, Polamalu etc


The dumdums in the comments don’t know that Tom Brady doesn’t fit our offense 🤦‍♂️

    SIR T

    Any and all Qb’s have the skills to adapt just give 1yr 1 Mil deal to be sure and if not don’t resign!🇺🇸

    Guillermo Ruelas

    No they just know that Ben can’t beat him


    Anyone who is saying Brady is either 12 yrs old and plays too much Madden or knows nothing about football. I have a better chance of being our Qb next season than Brady.

Mr. Bagui


Tiffany Fudala

Let’s face it last year ended up turning into a rebuilding year but that was one of the best rebuilding years I’ve seen of any team in any sport in along time. We will be fine we just need to establish the running game again, pick up a few wr’s and a durable rb even though i like our backs especially b.snell but we need a 3 down back and im sorry j.conner isn’t it. But if he can stay healthy we will be ok at the rb position. Losing mike munchak killed us.


    Last year was not a rebuilding year by any means, we have JuJu, Washington and Johnson already at WR what are we going to do with 3 more? Where do you find a reliable 3 down back with the tiny bit of cap space we have and if we draft one in the 2nd what do you do with Conner and Snell? Losing Munchak had very little to do with anything. Did you see how bad Denver’s O line was this season?

Robert Voorhies24

Get Justin fields next year from the Ohio state


    @Robert Voorhies24 Assuming the Steelers improve next season they’ll be picking in the mid 20’s at the worst. Do you know what it would cost to move into the top 3 to select Fields?

    Robert Voorhies24

    jw1 I highly doubt fields go top 3 an I totally get wat u saying I’m not some average fan just spitting out unrealistic possibilities but we know mason are duck not the answer and Ben just had Tommy John surgery in my opinion so he’s at best two seasons away maybe three from retiring and who knows wat qb will be available to draft especially with our defense finally being elite again I just feel if we in the mid 20s send a future first and mid rounds picks to move up an get the guy only if he’s worth it of course but we need somebody legit going forward 🤷‍♂️


    @Robert Voorhies24 OK fair enough but I would be shocked if Fields isn’t at least top 5. I agree Rudolph and Duck aren’t the answer but they seemed committed to Mason for some reason and I can’t see them paying the price to move up that far.

    Shawn Friend

    @jw1 I see fields going in top 3

    Robert Voorhies24

    jw1 they paid a first for minkah which was hella rare so I see them doing something of that nature hopefully the price is not too steep but being that we going need one really soon they best load up an do something cause our division will have burrow Lamar an baker we gone have to keep up you know

Joshua Furrer

Can’t wait for Big Bens return, I always believed in him!

    GRIFF 2019

    bgymr the guy isn’t scared to take chances to try and win. He doesn’t care about stats! He also has played some rugged defenses throughout those years in the playoffs. Especially back then, the Ravens, jets, Denver, bengals, Titans, Jags, Pats, Multiple times, and all top 5 defenses. And stats don’t always show how those picks happen. Tipped passes, missed catches from the wide receivers. All you see tho is his 24 interceptions. But fail to see how clutch he has been for 16 years. The guy comes through when we needed it at least 90- 95% of the time.


    @GRIFF 2019 those stats also don’t show how TDs happen like those five TDs in teh loss to Jacksonville, they were all prayers where Bell and AB were making Ben shine. Let’s agree to not cherry pick.

    My man, when you make the playoffs, you will always face teh top five defenses, that is how it works. I don’t get that argument.

    GRIFF 2019

    bgymr the argument is he played tough defenses lol so interceptions are part of the game. In the playoffs teams play harder. That’s my point! It’s not as easy as everybody seems to make it out to be. Who cares about all these stats! Bens a baller plain and simple! And those plays were definitely not prayer plays to AB and bell! LOL they were right on the money! Every pass. He didn’t just throw the ball up in the air and hope for something to miraculously to happen! Just stop you must be a hater!

    GRIFF 2019

    bgymr and when you discuss Brady’s age and mojo. Nothing about bens age has shown decline in his skill set yet! He’s still balling every year before his injury!


    @GRIFF 2019 No worries my man. Have a great weekend!

Young Lui

I like the way this man is realistic.

a b

I would love to keep Bud, but if we can’t it’s alright. With the rest of the d line we can just get some guy that can reliably seal the edge, and get 5-6 sacks on the season, and we’ll have another 50 sack season.


    A guy that can seal the edge and get you 6 sacks a season is 10 million a year. At that point might as well pony up for the guy that has been in your system and will get you 10 sacks.

Guillermo Ruelas

I’m over Colbert he can’t deliver anymore


    Just look at what he did last season and there’s proof enough that he does a great job. Trading for Minkah was brilliant, the Devin Bush pick was a hit and getting those picks for AB turned out to be a genius move. I’m sure you’d have this team much more successful if you were GM.

    Mango Masher

    Guillermo Ruelas you are incredibly stupid, I bet you were in the fire Tomlin crowd too

Guillermo Ruelas

Time to clean house and new blood I’m done with this horseshit


    Clean house? They have a great defense, couple of pieces short of a good offense. Hardly need an overhaul.

Willie Mearis

Good video steelers goats

P Bau

AB & LeVeon want to come home.
Black & Yellow


Man, I really hope they keep Bud. He and TJ coming off the sides make a great duo.

Alberto Arellano Fernández

Goal to be a .500 team for the consistence thropy!

Dros Hill

He better get us Trevor Lawrence in 2021….

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