Steelers are “comfortable with Mason as Ben’s backup” – evaluating the QBs & OLBs | Steelers Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers are “comfortable with Mason as Ben’s backup” – evaluating the QBs & OLBs | Steelers Live

Missi Matthews, Bob Labriola, Craig Wolfley and Matt Williamson take a closer look at the quarterbacks and outside linebackers on the Steelers' roster and what the group might look like in 2020.

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The Penguin Dude 2002

Go Steelers!

Mark Nethercutt

I hope we a have great season. Go Steelers.

Ace Of Spades

We need our team at it’s best next season. Go Pitt!

Thomas Shero

Hopefully ben will come back

Brian Erney

Ben Roethlisberger comeback questionable does comeback can wait go out played does best looking forward see new players on Steelers rosters looking forward to played next year hope ben Roethlisberger comeback next year hopefully next year be Steelers year in 2020

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

Wait. I know he didn’t just try to tell me the qb situation is a okay because we got paxton lynch. Look man. This comes in waves. We got our defense. Now we need a run game. I understand. The qb situation is not great. Dont try to sell me that it is. Just give me a run game. That’s all I ask.


I have a good feeling about this season but I am worried about the QB situation just like everyone else is

    Michael Jefferson

    Dak Prescott will replace Ben. He will retire prior to the draft……..

Patrick Wentz

“You can tag me!” Missi you are a bad bad girl 🙂


For those guys to say that they are comfortable with Mason at #2 is to say that they are comfortable with yet another playoff miss and another 8-8 finish. I think most Steelers fans feel quite UN comfortable with that prospect, and we have good reason to feel that way.
I’m not knocking Mason, but he looked spooked when he was in… and honestly he and Duck were very close performance wise. ….Duck an un-drafted walk on. Just sayin. Mason should have outperformed him hands down and that didnt happen so how much credence can we place in “pedigree”? I’d say not much and the proof is in the pudding.
… With Bens 100% heath questionable, I feel like the Steelers are making some very poor decisions at the QB position. Hope Im wrong.
…AND gutting the entire team to keep Bud is a very bad idea. As things sit now, we dont even have the cap space to tag him. like 16 mil for a tag? ..with what money? The Steelers have other needs, unless we plan to throw the ball every down next season. … We need a Running Back because Conner is always dinged up. We need a guard at minimum. ..AND we could probably use a Tight End and depth at other positions. None of that (at least not much of it) can happen if we tag Bud.

Damon Gibson

Juju TJ And James are all entering a contract year. That’s 🥜

Clay Bolton

Bens done forget it he never won after those 2 things

    sactown steelers

    And if that happens we are lettin a bum guide us to another losing season yes keep doing that Tomlin then they can run you and arudolph outta pittsbugh. Already steeler fam i hope mason Rudolph has some tragic happen wre he cant play

Miles Smith

I would keep Watt over Dupree

Michael Jefferson

Ben’s elbow will force him into retirement, Art Rooney et al will know in advance. Listen closely to what Bob Labriola is saying, ” the upper management is comfortable with Mason Rudolph being Ben’s backup.” There’s also a lot ‘if’s’ in regards to Ben’s post-surgery return.

My wildest prediction in my lifetime pertaining to the NFL:

If Jerry Jones take this contract dispute with Dak Prescott into training camp, we could very well see Dak Prescott as the starter in a Steeler uniform

Btw, the prediction I made and everyone thought it was hilarious?

The Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers in the SB that year. So, before you YOU TUBE General managers come for me, please, just have your facts together.

After all, it’s just entertainment.


    Please explain how we will pay Dak’s contract

Dmeads 56

Chickilo and Barron will probably be cap casualties.


    Let’s hope

Alberto Arellano Fernández

Steelers are a bad managed team, a 0.500 record their goal!


I believe Ben has a cap hit of 33 million this season and if that’s the case, time to cut him loose.

Big D 63

What about RB and TE?


Mason Rudolph is not an NFL quarterback, back up or not. Ever since Mike Tomlin came here, our drafts have been mediocre at best. He needs to go.

Kazutopia 808

Mason being a #2 is all fine and dandy, but when are we going to draft a QB that’s worth a damn. I can’t see Ben having too many more seasons and I sure as hell can’t see Mason taking his place. The guy reminds me too much of O’Donnell; a decent QB, but crumbles when it really counts. One things for sure; we better $shell out$ to hang on to this defense.


I’m not a team owner, GM or head coach. That said, I hope that the team brains saying they’re fine with the QB depth is the smoke.

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