Sounds of the Game: Week 17 vs Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ascend Bmo

sad we didnt get to the playoffs, we have to wait around 7 months too see them play again.


    True man we need to rest up and practice better. We shouldn’t have given up 50 for the bucks


    Ascend Bmo its pathetic not sad


It’s about 2 wins we let get away from us we could of beat Seattle twice, that Pittsburgh game Idk what happen lol but I definitely believe we will be back with major In way next season

    Heso Melo

    49ers too we gave up 2 3rd and 16th


    Anthony we should won a lot of them tbh just our defense was so inconsistent and offensive line

Wan Daher

Awesome win

Dominic Herrera

We’ll be back next season. New season, New stadium, New players, Better Rams


    Dominic Herrera no same players thats why we lost it mid season


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