Colts GM Chris Ballard Recaps 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Gavin McDonald

Im just glad he’s honest


I dont agree with all of his choices but he is one of the most descent, honest man i ever seen in football, respect!


Just offer him a lifetime contract. This dude is great. He’s human, he’ll make mistakes, but the culture he’s building is worth it.

1 Man Dynasty

Give ballard a 20 year contract in Ballard we trust

    1 Man Dynasty

    @Lihl ‘ Trxp 2300 yup some ppl are too stupid to see it


    @1 Man Dynasty A lot of his draft picks were failures this year. What do you say about that? Some repeatedly getting burned on defense , some getting completely shown up on defense.. so where are all of those outstanding draft picks on defense? They all got shown up this year including past draft picks like Hooker, who was miserable. What say you? And the backup QB that we spent 30 million on, how did he do?

    Jacob Perry

    1 Man Dynasty man don’t engage with this dude. He’s a crazy fire Ballard nutcase who comments on a ton of Colts videos and spews his diarrhea. With people like that you just gotta ignore. He’s an idiot.

    1 Man Dynasty

    @Harpoon_Bakery what i have to say is wait and see i can tell u dnt know jack about football so leave the game to the real men ur a cheer leader on the side line when we win it’s all good when we lose u think ballard sucks . U know nothing u sheep banwagon bum In Ballard we trust


    @1 Man Dynasty I’ve been saying this team was junk all year, so there goes your theory of me being a band-wagoner. You probably thought the team was going to the super bowl at 5-2, I thought they sucked.

Rich Jackson

Spend some money this offseason please

    Jarmaine Hughes

    Rich Jackson we gone have to be already know it…I think he regrets not doing it last year

Ethan Byanski

He is one of the best and most honest GM s in the NFL

Dequareio Berry

Draft A Quarterback Or A Pass Rusher Or Another Lockdown Corner

    Jarmaine Hughes

    Dequareio Berry gotta get quarterback and corner we can snatch a good pass rusher in free agency

Anthony Anthony

What really happened with Ebron????????

Jante Glenn

A lot of this year was on frank to. He did not want to run the ball half the time when that’s our biggest strength right now. Only reason he don’t care about the run is because he was a quarterback

    Jacob Perry

    While I do agree with you there were some times where Frank elected to pass, I think it can go the other way too. They refused to pass at times when they should’ve. Playcalling in general was questionable at times. I love Frank, but no one is exempt from criticism. Ballard too.

    Felix Francis

    Frank deserves some criticism (especially for sticking with Vinateri as the kicker and giving Ebron more touches in the Dolphins game after he cried about not getting enough touches in the offense) but he does not deserve most of the blame for this horrible season. His playcalling is not the primary issue. In the late season, teams started to stack the box with eight players to stop and shut the running game down and force Brissett to throw. It worked in their favor. There are games where Reich schemed WRs (even practice squad receivers) open and Brissett can’t hit them open. Frank’s playcalling is kinda limited due to Brissett’s mediocre to poor QB play. Colts need to get a dynamic and mobile QB like Luck, Mahomes, Watson, Wilson or Lamar Jackson in order to have a balanced offense.

    Jacob Perry

    Felix Francis you are 100% right. I think those are more glaring issues.

    Jacob Perry

    Felix Francis Brissett is a limited player and we saw that. Missed reads.

    Felix Francis

    @Jacob Perry Exactly. He has been in the league for four years (started for the Colts for 2017 and this season) and he still has the same issues (lack of touch in short passes, vision, and accuracy) in his passing game. I was definitely one of his supporters earlier in the season and I thought he was gonna improve his passing mechanics but he regressed a lot.

zen Edwards

Class act…I believe he’ll get things back on track

Abraham Hernandez

“LUCK got us so far but LOVE can take us further” c’mon ballard pull the trigger


can someone time-stamp the segement of this video where Wells asked Ballard that Ballard told us this team was not about one guy, and then we lose Luck and we fall apart. I heard his face turned red and he started saying Damn every other word. I want to know where in the video it exists. thanks a ton man!!!!!


As a Bears fan I wish this guy was our GM the way he was suppose to be!! Instead we have a clown in Pace!

Lihl ' Trxp 2300

Regardless I Love This Team I Bleed Blue For My Colts 🙌🤘We in good hands guys 💪 #InBallardITrust

steve trainer

The Colts receiving core is soft, very soft. mental and physically.

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