Sounds of the Game: Week 14 vs. Titans | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sounds of the Game: Week 14 vs. Titans | Raiders

Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Raiders' Week 14 matchup at the Coliseum against the Tennessee Titans.

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raider nation full moon records Reply

You mean sounds of the 3 straight blow outs smh!!!!!!!!

Joe Jimenez Reply

Second person to comment lol

Whobut_i Reply

that was short

pigspigs76 Reply

Best play of the game was the QB drilling the DT with a legit football tackle

    pigspigs76 Reply

    Also sign WR Brody Oliver 🦑

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa Reply

On to the NEXT!. Lets smash them Jaggers!!

James Belkin Reply

Let me speak to your manager!


That commentator was boring as fuuuuuk bruh had no life in words .

oregonpoop Reply

Best sound clip that was not on here, Derek Carr saying “oh gosh darn it I did it again. Am I ever going to learn… oh well I’ll take my $25 million home and go play pubg”

Chris Gang Reply

Where’s the Boo’s??that’s was part of the game smh🤦🏻‍♂️

GOlden St8 Reply

Carr is full of crap buying himself time to reach that contract he knows that’s the last big pay day before he’s a NFL backup

    Shawn Young Reply

    He will be out of the NFL. Carr can only play in Cali , anywhere else he would be to far from his mom and church

Řæívöñ Reply

the video didnt give justice to titans for winning the game

gabriel madrid Reply

Playing like garbage id say!

Real Richmond Reply

Fire Gunther

    Joshua scott Reply

    Well fire him in offseason

    raider nation full moon records Reply

    Agreed!!!!!a million percent

Keenan Mossiah Reply

I’ve been watching Jalen Hurts film and I’m in his bandwagon now


I figured it would be mostly the sound of Flaming Thumbtacks celebrating their ability to score at will.

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