Coach Gruden Updates Foster Moreau’s Injury, Recaps Week 14 vs. Titans | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Updates Foster Moreau’s Injury, Recaps Week 14 vs. Titans | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden provides an injury update on tight end Foster Moreau, recaps Week 14 against the Titans, discusses running back Josh Jacobs, and more.

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Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa

Take notes from the 2016 season. Our guys were goin long on almost every play.


    We weren’t great in the 2016 season. Had a lot of lucky wins that year. Pretty much every game was a nail biter. We don’t want that. We want to dominate and destroy our opponents!

    Alex Thompson

    @Dell Jr you’re right on everything but Carr all he needs is those targets we don’t even have a WR1 not Carr’s fault

    Tyger King of kings

    You mean before Carr got his first injury? Things done change bro, Carr hasn’t been the same ever since then, regardless of what anybody says.💯


    @Tyger King of kings who’s our true number one wide receiver? Who’s our number two? Or number three?

myers •

Idk why Gruden doesn’t let carr throw these awesome 15+ post route plays that he has made in the past

    Robert Rude

    No one open


    it’s all based on game situation, down, distance, whether a blitz was picked up, whether the receiver separates enough or not, and whether or not he can catch the damn ball. I’ve watched a lot of film of derek missing open receivers but the positives greatly outweigh the negatives in his play. Especially considering the lack of proven production around him. If they make a qb change next year, I’ll accept it, but i think a lot of our fans are taking for granted how much of a leader and competitor Derek has been for this team. “Average” quarterbacks don’t have 19 comeback wins in 6 seasons with the lack of talent we’ve had.

    Thomas Latimer

    myers • because Carr wouldn’t be able to see them & throw it away

    Adrian_ AG RAIDER _4Life

    By the second half the opposing team sees the same scheme because Gruden doesn’t make adjustments so they know what to expect. That is why Carr is struggling, Gruden calls the plays and DC executes whether its good or bad.

    Robert Smith

    because he is either calling plays that he thinks the team can run..or he isn’t all he’s cracked up to be…after what I’ve seen I think it’s the latter..

King Looney24

Keep ya head up 💯

Six Foot Four Mike

Can’t wait until he updates Paul Gunther’s status to “no longer our defensive coordinator”

    Tribe of judah Lion

    Wait on it they smoke meth together. Okay

    Sec. A A

    Our defense sucked way worse before gunther

    Michael Huakau


    daddys long

    @Richard Ramsawh yeah i seen the way carr let that 91 pass td pass him up…oh an how he fumble the ball an the titans ran if in for a td…oh an how derrek carr the only player on the team..gtfoh…

    Syck Musyck

    He’s not the one Missing tackles and getting burnt like albinos in death valley. Injuries, lack of talent blown assignments and no communication is why this defense is trash.

Captain Smoke

We are like the walking dead with all these injuries! proud of the season we put together despite everything

    Joseph Martinez

    True! No WR’s, LB’s, or Db’s……wow! Every week release and then sign a new player; tiring for staff!

    Captain Smoke

    @Joseph Martinez We havent put the same 11 on the field for any unit all season it seems!

    Joseph Martinez

    Yeah! I think the league caught up to us! Coaching staff could no longer mask their side of the ball for so long! I call 9-7! Super proud! RAIIIDErrrrrrrrsssss!!!!

    Pancho Pulido

    Ma man! That’s the attitude! We were doubted in a lot of these games and we shut some people up! Like chuckie said “out mental toughness is being challenged” we’ll be back!

To Release is To Resolve


Mark Yocum

I think Chucky should be COTY if we can finish at 8-8 or better, playoffs or no. With all the injuries we’ve had and the preseason drama, he’s done a good job.

    Tribe of judah Lion

    *Mike Tomlin got the same problem hoss but theirs a different. One is a 100 million dollar con man and the other is a no nonsense COACH next man up.*

    DJ Hosfelt

    @Tribe of judah Lion hey let’s all step back and relax a bit…the rebuild is on schedule we are gonna be a dominating team moving forward rn4l!!!☠☠☠


    You have to be kidding me. Dude has gotten crushed in the last 3 games. You are nuts

    Tribe of judah Lion

    @DJ Hosfelt Ok prophet DJ evidently you never been con before. Let me help you out don’t buy everything people sell you. Theirs something call the law of life Jon Gruden told players they are not worst the money they’re asking for but he (Jon) is. In he(Jon) haven’t been proven, 100 million dollar if Jon was black perhap you would see what I’m talking about 100million in he’s on schedule 😂😂😂 by the time Jon Gruden win a Superbowl he would’ve made 70 million dollar WOW!!! Just give the NFL 30 million cash in buy a trophy geese!!!!

k block

” Hoo wantz 2 B A Rayda yo, Anybody ?

Joshua scott

Raiders need to hire kirby to DC



Raiders full of bad luck injuries to key players, nothing going right down the stretch. Their luck has to change at some point in time.

Ricardo Yanez

What watch is coach wearing? It looks sharp!


Just go to Vegas already 🎰

Quez Neda Acts2:38

Keep grinding RAIDERS …. Keep grinding 👍… You never know 😎

Richy Rich

Carr needs to scramble!!! Scramble!!!

Ken Cress

I’ve enjoyed this season.. future looks bright love my Raiders

Ken Cress

He needs to get checked out he may have Parkinson the ways hand keeps twitching and his face contorts…. I pray he doesn’t Chucky rocks


I’d like to see the raiders take a shot on some young blood for the OC position in the offseason. It’s good to have a mix in the staff, as well as a youngvet roster. Gruden should allow Mayock to select some talent for the coaching staff. We need some guys who think out the box.

ldy dyl

I love how the reporters dont ask him about the failures on game day but have plenty questions about his connection w/ the fans.

Francisco Ruiz

I already got my DWaller Jersey 💯

Trouble Fallenangel

We need the 1WR with the burners so we can open the middle and help the run game in the entire game.

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