Sights & Sounds from Week 15 | Chiefs vs. Broncos – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Leonel Rivera



And now the best defense in the NFL (over the past month at least) has Suggs???

If we keep this up the patriots are getting booted out of the #1 defense spot no doubt


    You are correct sir !!!!!!!!!!

Southern Belle

#15 in week 15 miked up!

Gregory Cawein

Patrick mahomes is a good example for the little ones

Bryon Letterman

Now that the defense is finally coming together, this is looking like a real complete SB team


    No run game. O line needs to step a few further.

samson gersing

Statement Win–> this team is Magic

Sahar Aruk Bissong

praying the Bills beat the Patriots so we get the number 2 seed #chiefskingdom


Hell yeah!

Mark Herrera

If the Bills beat the Pats they’ll have the division lead right? If so, who has the tie breaker between us and the bills?


An amazing game by an amazing team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pervis McGervis

dudes this team has so much swag lol

James Lane

Well well well I guess if you don’t you win Super Bowl this year what sheet for 2027 how about that

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