Pick 6 Mailbag: What Will Be The Key Matchups on Monday Night Against Green Bay? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pick 6 Mailbag: What Will Be The Key Matchups on Monday Night Against Green Bay?

Cy Amundson addresses fan comments and questions, including looking at who are some of this season's unsung heroes so far, the preferred destination and opponent if the team is able to make it into the playoffs, the amount of yards being allowed by the defense in recent weeks, key matchups that will help determine Monday's winner between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers and more.

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Original Kushy

#SKOL Superbowl Baby!

Thiccc nVm

SKOL VIKES! btw I saw you at Best Buy Diggs 😂


    Thiccc nVm Lucky!

    Richard Harper

    Damnnn what’d he drop over there??

    Thiccc nVm

    Richard Harper he was jus getting his MacBook fixed haha, had his hoodie on lookin at the ground being lowkey

Gary Oak

Green Bay is trash. They will be one and done no matter who they play in the post season. Aaron “it’s raining yellow flags for me” Rodgers is washed up. Game should be a pushover at home.

Someone needs to talk Stafford into playing week 17 so the lions have a chance.

    Gary Oak

    David G viqueen. Very clever and original, fudge boy. How exactly am I delusional? Everything I just said is a matter of fact. Take a lap bud. Cousins > Rodgers. Good luck finding anyone not from Wisconsin and not named Joe, Troy, or Cris that would disagree with that.

    Gary Oak

    David G it’s not a matter of think. It’s called reality. What planet are you living on? The statistics don’t lie.

    I’ve never wanted him gone, I’m not braindead. He was excellent last year as well. Not in the mvp discussion last year like he is this year though. Thanks for the baseless assumption. Quality.

    Seems like you’re taking this pretty personally. What are you so butthurt for? Clearly you’re not on the team. I’m sure you’re just another inbred hick living in his moms basement and eating peanut butter sammiches. Do NOT breed under any circumstances.

    Now get a life, go away. You’ve got major mental problems. Why are you even here? Your dog not giving you enough attention?

    jayr enolpe

    @Gary Oak Although i agree that GB isnt as good of a team as other 11-3 teams but you should be careful saying that aaron rodgers is trash.

ryan damon


Cian Shamrock

We need Xavier on Adams, I know everyone says he’s trash, but look what happened with Hilton hill and Mike, Xavier can cover different kind of routes, and Mike can’t cover short routes as well

    Max Lobbins

    Zay can’t cover anything


    Holtan hill will do good I got faith he was just trotting around but if he’s hype be a team we needa beat he will be a good player but I agree with rhodes but with safety’s help


If Anthony Barr can snap Erin Rodgers in half again, that would be great. 😎👍 Give Blough a chance in Week 17. 😂🤣

    Gary Oak

    MafiaboysWorld id rather see hunter rip off one of Rodgers legs and start eating it like a piece of chicken.

    Gary Oak

    Tyron Wells you’re a complete and total moron. Please do NOT breed under any circumstances. Get a life.

ELPFAN Jahrling


Dennis Serras

If we cannot move up to 3 seed we can get 5 seed if Seahawks beat 49ers.Best result we play eagles first round then play Saints.49ers beat packers then seahawks.We get NFC championship game at home.

    Gary Oak

    Dennis Serras no


    @Gary Oak no, he’s right. that could happen

    Gary Oak

    Beranin sure, and an asteroid could crash into the earth not wiping us all out, and a bunch of one legged wooly mammoths that speak polish could jump out from inside of the asteroid and then kill us all with anthrax.

    But you don’t see me posting about it do you?

    While we’re on hypotheticals. We could get the second seed. But the odds of that happening are about as good as Bruce Jenner getting knocked up by Ellen degeneres.

Sione Aonga

Just win! Forget the ifs and whatevers! Lets go Viks!

Lawrence Daniels

A contender has to have a little luck, Theilen back, Holton Hill return, no major injuries, so far!

    Reppid1 cringe

    Dalvin cook

    Lawrence Daniels

    @Reppid1 cringe Cook is not a major injury, he has to adjust carrying the ball, his legs are fine!


We need need need to beat the packers, we should beat them as we are at home. SKOL💜

    Keith Hodge

    gawd i hope holton hill will be in rhodes spot or adams will get 3tds this game

Vince James

I think New Orleans in the playoffs would be preferable since the Vikings are undefeated this season indoors.

Dominic VanderMyde

Am I missing something, or Is Cy’s 3 Keys to Victory not been uploaded lately, The last one I seen was Seattle

Mantiss Toboggan

I swear to god if I see rhodes on Adams for most of the game I’m gonna go insane


As soon as Rhodes gets hurt, Vikings force 7 turnovers.

just sayin’

    Gary Oak

    xpradaGx most vikings fans still think he’s the best ever. Even though he’s sucked for two years. And those same people think Cousins is a third string quarterback even though he’s been nothing short of excellent since he’s been in Minnesota.

    Brian Harting

    @Gary Oak not at the beginning. Cousins wasn’t doing so good and all of a sudden he’s been nothing but outstanding, even in the loss against the Seahawks we lost but Cousins played well.

    Rene Ramos

    I took a picture of X. Rhodes going to the locker room after he got injured because I was sitting above the entrance of the locker room. Rhodes is too slow right now. He needs to be covering the against the slowest WR. I think the Vikings will make a statement in this game. Dominate against the Packers.

King Pen

Anyone but him

Stiff Richards



Just do not put Rhodes in the mix. He might only cover TEs

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