Shaq Barrett Shares Thoughts on Free Agency | Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Goomsquadnation 420

Hope we resign this beast of a player.

King Bucs

wish evans and godwin was there 😭


    Did they not go because of their hammy’s?

    King Bucs

    @Elthenar yea there injuries held them back. chris godwin was good to go. but he chose not to. smart imo bc hes gonna need to be healthy next yr

Android Q Music

Please.. please come to the Panthers.


    @I am the Senate Sorry, you guys got Gerald McCoy. That’s all you get from us.

    I am the Senate

    Elthenar I’m a Bucs fan


    @I am the Senate he was talking to the other guy

    Richard Landsaw

    Keep crying! He staying in Tampa!


    no way he pulls a gerald mccoy

Mason Dixit

Yessir he coming back


His uncertainty at the end makes me nervous.


    He says he’s going to build his life in Tampa for the long haul. Pretty sure he’s staying unless the Bucs trade him which they never will


Bucs are steadily getting better each year overall. I see Superbowl within 3 years

    nith the valiant

    Bro I’ve been saying the same thing for like a year man we are headed in an amazing direction also keep an eye o the Redskins under ron man they are going to be nasty

Tonaman 01

Hope he stays in Tampa

The RightStuff

How much $$$ is too much??


    The RightStuff honestly anything around $17 mil would be too much for me but he’ll probably get 16 mil

Joseph Allen

Great Buc!

Lil Snap


Evan Blythe

Great player. Great Man! A true role model.
Tampa please do whatever it takes to keep him and keep the spotlight on his character.

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