Shaq Barrett on Tying Warren Sapp’s Franchise Sack Record | Bucs vs. Lions Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Shaq Barrett on Tying Warren Sapp’s Franchise Sack Record | Bucs vs. Lions Interview

LB Shaquil Barrett spoke to the media following the Buccaneers' game against the Detroit Lions in Week 15.

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Brian Samuels

Good job Shaq!




Records are meant to be broken, time to be #1 Shaq go get it!

    Helen G. Pitts

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Ric H

We’re going to have to back the Brinks Truck up to Shaq”s House in the Offseason.


    @Q Kellz We can but that means we likely can;t keep JPP, Suh, Perriman and Nassib. Not all 4 anyway.


    @Elthenar We can let Suh walk, I’d rather draft a DE in the first 2 rounfs. We’ll be able to re-sign everyone else though no doubt.


    OneBucPerson they could cut brate and others if they needed more money…Suh is big reason why were #1 in stopping run.


    @OneBucPerson I don’t want to let any of them walk. It’s going to be tough decisions this offseason.

    Usually when you take on a bunch of free agents on one year “prove it” deals, only a couple of them work out. This year, they all worked out in spades.

    D Monique

    @Q Kellz cut or trade Gholston , Brate , Beau Allen , and im sure this is Dotsons last year

Nick K


Eric Whalen

Much respect Shaq you deserve all the credit… I hope you get defensive player of the year this year… you earned a big pay check next year the right way.


I’m so freaking proud of Shaq man GO BUCS!!!

Kenneth Sarvis

Very proud 👏🏿💲☠️👊🏿🕹️🎮

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