Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Wild Card playoff loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Wild Card playoff loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton postgame reactions following loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the 2019 NFC Wild Card Round.

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Justin Hamilton

We couldn’t play offense the entire first half. Taysom was the only reason we were even in the game

    ghostface griller

    The Great One I got something you really like dat after the niners game. I will do exactly what you are doing on every fagings post!

    Cody Hanssen

    @Philip Lopiano lol nope. Taysum is a great football player and does a lot of things well. But he cannot play QB in the pocket. There’s a reason he is 3rd string.

    Evil Dax

    @Cody Hanssen I bet you he could if given the chance and training. Brady was a nobody

    Philip Lopiano

    @Cody Hanssen ya I was thinking wide receiver,dudes a beast

Hunter G

Sean, with all due respect, you did not prepare this team well for this game. You’re way better than this. The interior defensive pressure killed us all game and you made no adjustments following the first half.

    Hunter G

    D F hey buddy, this is not my opinion. It was directly mentioned by the announcers during the game. Also, I’m not a therapist either but I think you could use one ☝️

    Jay Tal

    Hunter G very true he’s so upset

    Mr. POPO

    @Shade InMoney funny because I was going to root for you guys to win it all if you beat us, even though I hate you guys. Except for this year. For some odd reason.

    Shade InMoney

    Mr. POPO this is a sport. We fans hate each other and hold grudges towards each other. Good game Vikings y’all deserved it we don’t deserve it how we played like trash offensively. Goodluck I’ll be cheering for you Vikings all the way

    Mr. POPO

    @Shade InMoney yo. Same here. But not against us. 09 made me hate you guys lol. But more Greg Williams. But I live in the now. Goodluck next year. But like I said not against us lol.


Another year Brees didn’t get his second Ring running out of time to get it done

    Flippy 117

    SmithN’ Wesson have him develop with brees all next year and it will be a good idea. He’s ridiculously athletic and can do it all. I could see him with some good mentors being the saints at dating QB in due time.

    Dedric Sanders

    @Goat Exactly

    Yourhighness B

    He won’t get it I’m sorry

    Eugene Moore

    Doesn’t deserve one!!

    SmithN' Wesson

    @Flippy 117 I think hes a better WR/PR then anything. He has the speed to seperate and could be an incredible slot/gadget player


Can we Saints fans just admit that we got outplayed and that the Vikings played better than us from start to finish. We didnt look good today

    Randall House

    I agree. We didn’t look good at all. Especially in the first half

    Rhonda Patterson



    Terrible Defensive call at the end of the game. A 6’6 TE and a 6′ Corner. It was easy to tell who that ball was going to, shouldve called the timeout and changed up defensively.

jon mar

U know it’s bad when the heat quarterback on the field was a backup/runningback


Vikings 40 rush attempts, Saints 17 rush attempts.

    Mr. POPO

    @J Lit murray doesn’t fight for extra yards. I would know. Vikings fan here. And living in California, seeing what he did in Oakland, I mean Las Vegas.


    @Mr. POPO You’re crazy. Murray was a beast in Mn.

    Mr. POPO

    @BillyJack85 hell no. Dude falls easily after contact.


    Kamara. 7 carries.

Anthony Kelley

We beat ourselves every season. When will it stop???? Saints I need an answer

    Mr. POPO

    Well this season you got beat today. So ask those questions next year. You couldve been on a bye week but the Seahawks got robbed.

    Erik Leif

    You don’t beat yourselves every year, the Vikings do. Skol!

cooper plays

Should’ve just used taysom the rest of the game

    andrea micucci

    @akabrock 6952 most of our playoff losses end with drew on the sideline..too bad he cant play corner for us. To have pj Williams of all corners playing man on a fade to a huge TE when the games on the line is embarrassing

    Brandon Davis

    That’s the truth!!

    Sir Nicholas

    The Vikings wanted no part of Hill and were much happier when brees was throwing.


    @Coach Clap Whose mans is this?

    Fortnite Goat

    12trija Virgo1 like he always does

Johnny Ledford

Hell of a game plan by Zimmer


This is on Payton. The offensive line got whipped all game. You were flat out unprepared

    Sherman Washington

    @Aaron Day exactly

    Cash Money Gee

    That made no sense at all, you can prepare a team but you can’t make them perform up to expectations. I mean they were the better team today, that has nothing to do with Payton, the “players” are the people on the field, these are grown men they’re not controlled by a remote in Payton’s hands

    Acme Inc.

    5.7 yards per carry
    79% pass completion
    7.6 yards per pass attempt

    I love stats 🏈🤪


You’ve been eliminated on the final play three years in a row. How much does that suck?


    @Tyler Kriesel Absolutely


    Tyler Kriesel 2017 wasn’t the revenge game for the Vikings? Last I checked, we just didn’t play good football today; it has nothing to do with bountygate. We’ll be back though. Who Dat!

    Scotty Boudreaux

    The Vikings have ZERO SB rings…How much does that suck??

Krstin Liufau

Love Drew and everyone on this team played a hard game Any Given Sunday that’s football keep working guys and always let the loss strengthen you to the next game NOLA should be proud and so should our Saints

    Luke Boone

    Krstin Liufau I was proud the last two seasons but this loss has been pure disappointment. So many wasted opportunities. Bad coaching and terrible offense.

    Lady Dallas

    Drew is an amazing qb

    Joe Cool Berry

    I think having a devastating loss 3 years in a row is too much to recover from. Unfortunately the Saints are finished

    Mike Voss

    Too bad there’s no “next” game to lose.


Alvin Kamara doesn’t play well like he did with Mark Ingram

    Mike Voss

    You know with Murray being the X Vikings running back-I believe he would have ran with more heart then Kamara did. I love Kamara, hell I named my camaro
    “Alvin”, but something is wrong with him. Brees can’t stretch the field anymore and it’s causing a pretty good OLine look terrible at times because they stack the box constantly. If I were Loomis I’d take a chance on Taysom Hill and Murray Thomas as the new Saints offense.

    Karen Castro


    Demon Spawn

    pimpjuicedp maybe cause they hoed Ingram that’s why he not playing good

    Fortnite Goat

    The Saint’s Pigeon how was it disrespect he was basicallly a rookie to that team this year this his first year in New Orleans so why you think he’ll come in and get more reps than kamara whos been putting his body on the line for that team past 3 season did murray have more production yes but it would be even more disrespect to just hand him the keys and bench kamara

Bella Marley

Best moment….seeing Sean Peyton cry.


    Bella Marley 🖕🏻

    ghostface griller

    Bella Marley you are gonna get tore up biach 😛


    But he’s not crying so… he’s explaining how Minnesota played a better game!!


    @kbell0 He was choked up in the beginning a little. Understandable…he was crying with his locker room. Nothing wrong with it after a loss like this

Anthony Basol

Don’t like Sean Payton has coach in the way he acts sometimes but hats off to the saints man it’s always fun and super scary when we play y’all and those are the best games to watch hope to have more games with you guys in the future good luck✊🏽

Nick Smith

Good game Vikings. We didn’t deserve to win. We played like garbage.


    patrick brown I don’t blame the refs I blame us for playing like dat but I do blame the refs for missing the call but not for the lost

    Charels Ellis

    Nick Smith you also are back page news 😆🤣😂🤐😫😜. 😘Bye. Go Falcons !!!!!

    Patrick Timothy

    @patrick brown this loss was on us.Last year was 100 percent bullshit. This year we deserved to lose,although the referees did miss offensive pass interference. But we should have had more points on the board to begin with.


    Patrick Timothy wasn’t enough for it to be pass interference

    Fortnite Goat

    hebe he fully extended his arm 😬 the game alr over idc who won 49ers smacking em this week anyway but let’s just be real that was a pushoff 😭

dakota silverman

I wanna hear Cam Jordan’s thoughts on today 😂😂

    Emmanuel Thompkins

    Bruh was a no show on the edge. Getting sucked in like a rookie 😂😂 😂💀 cook was just bouncing outside

    Percy Westbrook

    These guys run their mouth all year, and then get punked when the playoffs start. Good for them.


    curse of bountygate, new orleans will never win anything again


    🤣 💯 Go check his last IG post. Didn’t even show up. What a clown. Smh

Jessica Franklin

He should’ve kept tysom hill in the game


    And start him next year!

    Charlotte Ardoin

    He needs to play all the time that. Guy is superstrong

Freddy Jr

Payton was more upset when the 49ers beat them in the dome than he is now with a playoff loss and a first round exit

Mike Voss

I’m so tired of seeing and hearing this speech…GG Vikings

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