Drew Brees Postgame Reactions After Wild Card playoff loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Drew Brees Postgame Reactions After Wild Card playoff loss to Vikings | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees postgame interview after the New Orleans Saints' Wild Card playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings in the 2019 NFL season.

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Connor Obregon

U really did not help yourself with the whole “goat conversation” today

    Alex Arndt

    That was never a actual question not even top 100

    Kristopher Thompson

    @J Idowu And played terribly all year. Brees played terribly 1 game.

    Bobby Stewart

    And the Patriots have been caught cheating how many times now?🤔

    Harrison Kleinpeter

    Try again.

    Lebronzo Szn

    Michelle Blount i think u forgot brady has 6 rings and was the defending champ

Colton M

As a diehard saints fan, their playoff performances are starting to take a toll on ya fans. 3 years of disappointment. Getting harder to handle year after year. The inconsistency of this team over the years is pathetic. Absolutely sick of throwing our seasons away on the last play of every playoff game

    Clapping Cheex

    You’re fucking lucky to even have good regular season and make the playoffs. Shadddddup

    T Moore

    then move on bruh, nobody’s forcing you to be a saints fan it’s simple.

    CJ Raven23

    Ya it might be time for a change……

    Daniel Toth

    Colton M that’s OK…… they won’t make it to the playoffs next year so you can rest




Taysom is clutch under pressure


    DREW GOT 3 To 4 MORE YEARS YALL CHILL⚜️🏆 #TheProcess


    @ATF23 Hell nah I’m sick of Brees it’s time to let him go

    Sir Nicholas

    The Vikings wanted no part of Hill. The saints didn’t use him enough.

    Ricky Whitfield

    @Sir Nicholas top


    @ATF23 he had 5 game rest when teddy took over and his arm still couldn’t finish the season, what game were you watching and you think 4 more years. This is why he will be back and not taking a cut bc of fans like you

Alex The wombat

This game broke my heart

    Dee Sherman

    @Gene Brimage 😂😂damn that’s crazy

    EliTakeFlight ·


    Roman Fields

    @Palace Evphoria get bent.

    Caleb Kent

    Phillip Abramoff fixed?


    @Wake go back & re-read my comments


Love you Drew forever you know how you messed up no one needs to tell you

    Gwenneth Black

    No one is perfect-everyone on this planet has an off days. All of these nay sayers for Drew to hang it up needs to shut up and remember how hard it is even to make it to the playoffs!!!!!!


    Gwenneth Black or that he’s a “ regular season qb” lol kiss the ring

    Gwenneth Black

    @44SuperShredder The Vikings have won one NFL Championship, in 1969, before the league’s merger with the American Football League (AFL). Since the league merger in 1970, they have qualified for the playoffs 27 times, third-most in the league. The team has played in Super Bowls IV, VIII, IX, and XI, though failing to win any of them.lol

    Alex Rivas

    Gwenneth Black And the Saints just lost to the Vikings. Drew Brees needs to hang it up. He does this every year. Heartbreak after heartbreak because he always chokes at the end of the game

Jose Ayon

As a viking fan, I still have respect for Drew Brees for being a hell of a football player. He takes his pain like a man so I have mad respect for him.

    Jamal Carvery

    Good game the Vikings we’re the better team

    akabrock 6952

    @Jose Ayon yea dude my dad started screaming the saints suck ( we are big saints fans) because y’all beat us so bad

    Tval valdary

    Jose Ayon true.
    Same here,but it’s time for him to step aside.

    Jose Ayon

    @akabrock 6952 Noo it wasn’t that bad, Taysom Hill nearly gave me a couple heart attacks but you guys also played hard in the last 2 minutes of the game.

clout hyper

all of you that are whining stop going so we can get season tickets

    Tad Pitre

    I want season tickets Go Saints 💯⚜️💯⚜️💯⚜️💯⚜️💯⚜️💯⚜️

Andre Duke

“WE” didn’t play our best football!?
mans was trying to outplay Taysom😡

    Andre Duke

    Let’s call it “DUMB TRUTH”

    Jay Manning

    @•• you can’t lose the argument when your opponent can barely spell, and spamming emojis doesn’t make what you’re saying any more intelligent, Teddy Bridgewater is a backup QB at best, again let him play a full season and see what happens


    Jay Manning you can win an argument when your opponent doesn’t say anything new and is bias to the fact that teddy led us in a win streak and played great the time he was in your not saying any facts and your just dismissing my facts next time just don’t say anything 🤣

    Jay Manning

    @•• a winning streak in the NFL is not a big deal, he’s never been as good as he was since he tore his ACL, has he played a full season since? He was a good game management QB for your team during that time span and you guys ran the ball well while your defense was playing great, but he’s never gonna be close to Bree’s skill level, and if y’all make him the starter your team will become average at best, he won’t be making any real noice in the playoffs and over the long haul he will never sustain the same success Bree’s has had for your team, but stay in school kid you need it

Darrius Thomas

There’s something a little more comforting to this loss knowing that we really didn’t get beat by refs, but we just didn’t do our job. For some reason it makes it a lot easier to shoulder knowing we actually didn’t deserve to move on


    @Highlight Nation
    Wasn’t pass interference lol come on.. Refs actually called a pretty good game. NFL is cracking down on them, so we should see some good games this postseason that aren’t ruined by refs, going into next season. Hopefully that includes getting rid of Alberto Riveron before next season.

    Quintin Smith

    I agree w/you 10000000000%

    Finding Keno

    @c k If the pass interference was called then there wouldn’t have been OT. Anything after that no call doesn’t matter. That blown call shouldn’t have happened.


Brady and Brees are the “you know?” brothers


    Antonio Kinsler brees had so much time on multiple occasions you can’t blame the o line

    Antonio Kinsler

    @hebe I can blame the Oline they were getting whooped it’s enough blame to go around Brees Payton Dennis Allen the Oline all of them get it simple

    A Concerned Dothead

    @Kent Jackson um you are aware Brady literally just won a SB, a year ago right? It hasn’t been since like 2006. So why would he sit out?

    Kent Jackson

    gochipurself your an idiot if you can’t see he can’t throw the deep ball anymore he’ll you gotta put in Taysom just to stretch the field & go deep the one time Brees tried & go deep pic int🤷🏾‍♂️ it is what it is Father Time is undefeated


    Antonio Kinsler as long as you blame brees as well alright


Number of times Drew Brees said you know

    Lakehouse 160

    366387 he copied Brady’s postgame interview

    Chris O

    It’s just a verbal crutch. Not a big deal. He’s a football player.


The comment section really acts like Drew is bad. Today he was bad but hes still elite and our best option at QB

    andrew hager

    @Michael Granlund and you will be crying when the packers[or the team they play prior] spank the viks.
    fick the vikings they trash if we had that 21seconds over 11 i think it would have been a TDtime but maybe not.
    Sean Peyton and Bress had/ played bad unlike KC who chokes under the bright lights than any one else.


    @Kindle Watson
    I don’t agree with that at all. Like not at all.

    Kindle Watson

    @honeychilerider You and I watched two different games I guess

    Gregory Myers

    The o line deserves a lot of the blame.

    Gregory Myers

    @Kindle Watson the o line lost the game.

Diggo Combs

Sean Payton didnt show up until the 4th quarter

    Diggo Combs

    @Devin Wilson I mean to compare these two guys like that is not really relevant, the saints and raven arent two team that play each other a whole lot. And look at yall conference. I know for past two years the NFC south hasn’t been the best we’ve seen, but for this whole decade theres been alot of superbowl and conference champions and contenders. Can say that about the Ravens conference AT All

    Evan Seymour

    man really pulled up late

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    the o line couldnt block

    Mike 504

    Amen to that

Big A

It’s a shame when we really want to throw deep, there is a QB change to throw over 50 yards

    Kristopher Thompson

    I have a feeling this fan base is going to learn very soon that there’s a MASSIVE difference between going in occasionally for a couple explosive plays vs managing an entire game.

    Alex Rivas

    Kristopher Thompson he’s fading away though and Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom hill are free agents and are due for raises and new contracts. You’re going to extend Brees at the tail end when you have two younger and viable options? One can sign Teddy Bridgewater for 18 a year and Taysom at 10 mil and save 2 million annually for what drew Brees 30 mil would annually would cost

    Kristopher Thompson

    @Alex Rivas Yes, I think we extend the hall of fame quarterback still playing at an elite level. Kind of a no brainer.

    CPSlayer 8889

    @Alex Rivas

    Brees was throwing downfield before.yesterday..cant throw downfield when a play cant develop.dude. Some of yall shouldnt talk football

    Generic Username

    @Kristopher Thompson OMG thank you they don’t understand

B.C. Lewis

Drew changed so much. I barely recognize him. My dude ALWAYS use to take responsibility for his actions. REGARDLESS of why you fumbled, it’s not the receivers fault you were careless with the ball. Ball security is on the carrier Bro. You & paytons ego was on full display today. You just HAD to throw a deep bomb after taysom huh? 😂😂This guy. He is fighting against his mortality

    Sir Nicholas

    Blaming the WR was not something I saw coming from him. It’s not the WR fault you didn’t protect the ball with a giant D-lineman coming down on you.

    Sir Nicholas

    @Michael Granlund turning into Rodgers wouldn’t be a bad thing for him right now 😂😂😂


    Where yo team at
    Brees played his worst game ever and u got sum to say

    Bilal Int'l

    Spot On…!!!

    Matt Hoffman

    B.C. Lewis football is a “team” sport. You think brees fumble was the reason they lost? How about the missed FG earlier? How about the push off in the end zone by the Vikings receiver? A lot of things contributed to that loss. Not just Brees. Again, it’s a team game. Team mistakes. So “we” do need to get better.

Andre Duke

I feel like the Saints are used as the team to give other teams their “Franchise Moment”

    Nyjee Bradley

    @Caleb Kent u so mad lmao

    Jack Wemply

    Stop whining

    Andy Arvila

    Kristopher Thompson Just to get blown by the Eagles the next week…not a Franchise moment just a one game smdh

    Gaara 82

    trying to injure someone is morally wrong, but not illegal. the paying part is..

Nicholas Mckinnon

Drew didn’t play well but the offensive line let him down.

    ernest colbert

    Alex Rivas yeah well he used it for 1 pass play. The interior Dline got the best of or interior Oline. If Brees gets the same time as he did all season we def win this game.


    Tayson Hill did more with that line than Brees did. They should’ve let Hill play more or just substituted Bridgewater in because he was clearly the best option for this type of game. Brees can’t escape the pressure anymore.

    Gregory Brooks

    @N Mckinnon..Always, with the dumba** excuses for Drew Brees. Please stop the foolishness. He needs to go. He choked. He is a stat HOF QB, whereas Brady is a Lombardi trophy winning HOF QB.  See the difference, McFly ?

    Ryan Nelson

    Gregory Brooks Y’all are just straight up hating on greatness. Drew is probably the hardest working QB in the league and he just gets better every year. He will prove everyone wrong next year. And as for why Taysom did “better” with the o line is because the plays we run with taysom take about half the time as a play with drew standing back in the pocket


    The qb’s play is related to the ol’s play. Mostly.

Derek Powell

Only Demario Davis, Taysom Hill and Deonte Harris showed up


    The offense played well and the defense played well. Drew Brees screwed up the Saint’s momentum when he threw an under thrown ball into double coverage for no reason. That literally shifted the momentum the Saints had over the Vikings and they couldn’t recover. Football is about momentum and once you give it away it’s hard to get it back. We never got it back even though the crowd tried their best to give it back to them.

    Derek Powell

    @eyeamblackroyalty They should ran the ball with Murray more. Don’t get what’s the issue with Kamara but he is off and has been for awhile. The O-line was MIA pretty much all game. I’m a fan of Drew but he looked bad for a lot of the game and old too.


    Derek Powell yeah I can see your point. Maybe Payton’s plan was to pass the ball more than to establish the run. Murray is a great back that can pick up his first downs with powerful runs. I just think Sean Payton didn’t handle all of his offensive tools in the correct manner combined with Drew Brees battling Father Time on the field. We have probably the most loaded offenses in the NFL and we still find a way not to utilize all of our assets to the best of our abilities. Do you think Teddy Bridgewater can lead this team?

    Derek Powell

    @eyeamblackroyalty I’m 50/50 on Teddy. I will say with him they will have to run Murray more and Kamara less. I think Teddy is good but not outstanding IMO. Definitely deserves an opportunity to start. If nothing else he forces Payton to freelance less.

    Jay C

    There were 3 turnovers that got called back. Defense showed up…Michael Thomas was taken out of the game with double coverage and Kamara couldn’t get a rhythm going. Tough one.

Zachary Grant

Take a shot every time he says “ya know”

Jack M

I counted, Drew said “You know” 35 times.

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