Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 17 Win vs Panthers | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 17 Win vs Panthers | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton postgame interview after the New Orleans Saints' win vs. the Carolina Panthers in week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Trying 2 Get Right

I was really looking forward to a packers lost so we can have dat home field advantage. Who dat lets saddle up in roll on to the Superbowl

    Ernest Alexander

    Trying 2 Get Right we can get our own home field if Seahawks beat the 49ers in the next round going into the NFC championship 💪🏾🙏🏾🏆

    Trying 2 Get Right

    @Ernest Alexander if not im hoping this year we can show the world we can win on the road in the playoffs

    Ernest Alexander

    Trying 2 Get Right I’m not behind you on that bud it’s gonna be a great playoffs 🙏🏾🏆

JCL Systems

We Finished 13-3 AND WE’RE STILL VERYY HUNGRY!! WHO DAT!! ⚜💯😤🏈

Donny Gresham

13 – 3 Helluva Season Boys ⚜️ Let’s March In The Playoffs And Defeat All The Adversity From Past 2 Years I Promise This Year Will Be Special💯 😢


Wait- who died??

    Jerry Pore Jr.

    Carley McCord. WDSU Sports Reporter.

Mike Miller

Another record today for the saints ! 8 turn overs for the season. The record was 10 that the Patriots held.


happy birthday

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

Cajun Kuto

I like when they say things that they can’t control. That falcons game is luming large.

    Keith Gardner

    It happens. Saints didn’t prepare right, and the falcons were one of the better teams to end the season. They played well after going 1-7. They ended 6-2 over their final 8 games.

    Cajun Kuto

    @Keith Gardner i didn’t know that. Stating the obvious!

    electriccub shocker

    The only reason SAINTS lost to the FALCONS. Brees, cook, and Kamara had no chemistry together. They miss alot games between the 3 of them. SAINTS offense is BUILT on timing. Kamara was flat when he came back. It takes about 4 games to get the chemistry going and look how they are playing now. The bye sometimes helps and sometimes not, because it gets you out of a groove.

Jassy Phae C


Keith Gardner

13-3 two seasons in a row… this team.. special… saints have to win the super bowl with the season they’ve had. The most battle tested team in the NFL and to be 13-3 and a shot for a first round bye..


I’m happy the Saints didn’t have a lot of penalties.

Jay Chaisson

13-3 3rd seed and hoping for a bum team like the lions and Seattle to actually win for a bye week. 99.9% unlikely. 3rd seed or not I can’t take another saints lost in the play offs week need to get this one this is our last shot

Wyatt Finzel

Great coach good teacher

Sandra Gayle

Great job coach Peyton! Great job Saints and I love seeing both of our QB” s out there the Goat Drew Brees and the unicorn Teddy Bridgewater. We are holding our own because every team that we are supposed to get help from is NO help! So it’s us along guys! And yes I gave Teddy the nickname the unicorn.

Bill Gauley

Win the Superbowl for her!!!

Bill Bright

Gonna be a super busy week. Study film. Drills, calisthenics, conditioning. Playbook reps, snap count discipline.
Good rest and nutrition. Training regimens double time.
The best we could do for Louisiana is win this next game.

J Fred Knobloch


Sailboat Slim

They called this a game at half-time..that’s how you win a game

Drew Taylor

WHODAT! Let’s do this!

Chillwind Studios

Vikings fan here, I’m going to congratulate your squad now. Please beat the Packers in the conference round!

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