Phillip Lindsay reaches 1,000-yard milestone but strives to be top-five running back – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

At the end of the game when he was losing yds I was getting nervous 😂

SB Breezy

Love this dude man never disappoints

Fish and Pheasant

Dalton risners my guy always saying the best stuff about his team and teammates

Jay Sagatti

Decoding that message:
This was the worst oline I’ve ever run behind.
Please get me a line that can open holes because I want to be a top 5 back. But I can’t do it with this line.

Tyler H

Get him a good oline and he could he a top 5 running back. He has the speed and agility for it, but he needs help from the blockers. But for him to still get 1000 yards even with our terrible offensive line just shows how good and hard working he is

    Yung Blicky

    Tyler H I think we have a shot next year, and on the broncos Instagram they posted there opponents for next season

Cherokee Mack

Go Lindsey! Keep up the good work. Go broncos

Cherokee Mack

Tandem, running team, you and your brother csu pueblo.

Corey Bentsen

If we go get some A rated o lineman I bet he gets 1400+ yards in 2020


If we score some big offensive lineman in free agency and the draft we will be A ok

Good Morning Y’all

I’m starting a daily reminder of just ignore Bobby Tucker’s saltines day number 1

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