Sean McVay Post-Game Press Conference vs. Seahawks: “You’re only as good as your last game” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Wildman Samurai Reply

All the sudden, the Rams look very dangerous.

Jesse rams 84 Reply

Now we just need the vikings to loose a couple games

    maximus vonce Reply

    Vikings havent beat any good teams. They fcking will get creamed by bolts and packers and bears. Rams going to super bowl so stfu

    zmon 8426 Reply

    @maximus vonce Goff is a bust

    Tim Murphy Reply

    @zmon 8426 if Rams fans wanted any lip from you, we’d scratch our balls.

    FaithFamilyFootball Reply

    @maximus vonce How does the Rams win the Tiebreaker?

    Cole Ratcliff Reply

    @FaithFamilyFootball more wins against common teams. Go Rams! Can’t afford to lose again though. Go Go Goffense!

pam0077 Reply

if the Rams keep playing like this, they might be able to beat the 49’ers and win these last 3

    FaithFamilyFootball Reply

    I hoping so. 49ers is the one team that scares me in the NFC

    S. Pak Reply

    And still won’t make the playoffs without a viking lose

sogdo Reply

I knew we’d be back! How can this night get better!?!? This calls for a celebration! The only thing we can’t do is let this win make us overconfident because that’ll screw everything up, but I know a great coach like Sean McVay won’t let that happen. Rams House! Horns Up! Los Angeles Forever!!!

Heso Melo Reply

Yes sir Lets go Rams


Playaction/ jetsweeps are key…..


    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† fax we was so dominate Goff felt bad for the other team so he gave them those anywyas on to Dallas

joshua batts Reply

Way too go O-LINE!!!

    Mikal Moore Reply



    Big props to them

Dat RanDumb Comment Reply

I got so confident in our D I started watching The Polar Express on AMC.


    Dat RanDumb Comment 😂🤘🏾🤘🏾

Mikal Moore Reply

This win really made my day… Deapite how bad the cowboys have played, dnt ease up… GO RAMS

maximus vonce Reply

If Rams defensive line and offense play like this, they will win Super bowl

maximus vonce Reply

Mcvey called good plays tonight


Congrats Ram fans. My FLATHAWKS Smh

Yumi Tokushige Reply

Keep our 👀 👀 👀 👀 wide open. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

GDV Reply

First game they looked like the team of last year what took so long? I think the O line is protecting better and running the rock is a must.

no name Reply

Great game 🐏🐏💯

Jaime Novella Reply

See what faith does when you believe the RAMS” and when you are 100% RAMS Fan all the way…

S. Pak Reply

Rams don’t make the playoffs is because they started playing good to late. Hope for some Viking loses

Perry Farinola Reply

This version of our Rams is here to stay!

Donald Langford Reply

This defensive team has really turned it around .

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